8,722,755NOZA Charitable Donors $ 85.00/M
Scoring Fee+$ 25.00/M
Model Build Fee+$500.00/F
Model Build fee will be waived with
a 25,000 name commitment

The NOZA Enhanced Masterfile represents a revolution in identifying donor prospects, providing nonprofits with powerful access to unique new data selections.

NOZA identifies contributors to thousands of local nonprofit organizations, including donors to Animal, Arts, Children's Services, Education, Environmental, Health, Humanitarian/Social Services, Public Benefit, and Religious causes, among others.

NOZA is the industry leader in identifying donors who have given High Dollar Gifts.

 ************** Fast Facts ******************
 Average Age...............................66
 Average HH Income...................$105,378

Model types available:                        
Good Customer Match:                          
Target prospects by finding NOZA donors
that most closely resemble the mailers best    
customers. The mailer is asked to supply      
50M-100M of their "best customers" for        
Liftengine to build the model.

Mail Match Model:                            
This Response model finds similar customers  
based on who has responded to an actual mail  
campaign. The mailer should provide at least  
25,000 net responders in order to build their
model. Names are matched back to the NOZA
database and names that are likely to respond
are identified.                              
Please allow 3 weeks for the model build.
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