726,94824 Month Buyers (Age 50+) $100.00/M
67,0557/19 Buyers (Age 50+)+$ 20.00/M
208,8673 Month Buyers (Age 50+)+$ 15.00/M
316,3156 Month Buyers (Age 50+)+$ 10.00/M
551,57512 Month Buyers (Age 50+) $100.00/M
Publisher Rate $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
Adult Age (all orders)+$ 12.00/M
FINGERHUT builds lifetime customer value with its customers by offering "access to better living" through its popular credit services and its wide selection of name-brand general merchandise.  FINGERHUT customers choose from a variety of products at different price points, including electronics, apparel, jewelry, sports /recreation/outdoor, toys/infants, and home furnishings.

Through their enhancement, FINGERHUT has identified a large senior market available on this database.  Utilizing this data along with transactional information from the FINGERHUT Masterfile gives mailers an opportunity to target their ideal prospects.  

 ************** Fast Facts *****************
 Average Income......................$48,119

Can select by Interests at $15.00/M extra: (inquire for additional selects):
Health / Medical
History / Military
Pets - Cat Owner
Pets - Dog Owner
Reading - Health
Self Improvement
Can select by Ailment at $22.00/M extra:
Senior Needs
American Master Products
GoGreen Media
Guideposts, A Church Corp.
M & M Bedding, LLC
For list recommendations, contact:
Sheryl Benjamin;
To place an order, contact:
Nancy Arbuco;