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The MUTUAL FUND INVESTOR GUIDE & ETF INVESTOR GUIDE email file is comprised of individuals who subscribed, purchased, or inquired about the company's newsletters and special reports    Internet Online services pertaining to mutual fund and ETF and global investing.              
Mutual Fund Investor Guide, LLC is a well-known leader in the mutual fund, ETF and Global investing field. The company philosophy is to provide conservative long-term capital appreciation for mutual fund, ETF and global investors by taking advantage of the market's short-term fluctuations and buying opportunities.  
The Company's email recipients are well-read, upscale, computer-savvy and mostly higher income consumers.  They are self-directed active investors who rely on the company newsletters and online information services to protect and increase their long-term investments.  As active investors, they share common interests in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and global investments.                            
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All financial/investment offers, magazine subscriptions, newsletters, books, financial seminars and webinars, credit cards/banking offers, high-tech products and services, handheld/portable/cellular product offers, Internet/online services, online banking/online investing offers, health and fitness offers, travel and cruise offers and more!

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