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25,434Jul'19-Sept'19 Buyers +$21.00/M
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Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit membership organization  dedicated to planting trees.  Inspiring people
to plant, nurture and celebrate trees, the Arbor
Day Foundation plants and distributes more than
10 million trees each year.  They strive to make
the world a greener and healthier place, as    
evidenced by their many conservation and      
education programs including Tree City USA, Tree
Campus USA, Community Tree Recovery, Arbor Day Farm, Rain Forest Rescue and Replanting Our Forests.                

Arbor Day Foundation Buyers support the Foundation by purchasing a variety of conservation-themed merchandise.  The average product purchase is $44.95 and includes items such as trees, shrubs, coffee, apparel and more.Supporters are able to purchase merchandise online ( or via the Arbor Day catalog mailed to current donors/members.
Michigan Bulb Co
Spring Hill Nurseries
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