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The Arbor Day Foundation Custom Modeling file is available for the purpose of statistical modeling in order to improve results on marginal segments and open a new universe of names for top mailers.

The Arbor Day Foundation offers the following models:

Good Customer Match: This model finds prospects that most closely resemble a mailer's best customers/donors. The model is built by taking a cross-section of a mailer's "best donors/ customers" and matching them up against the Arbor Day Foundation file.  A minimum of 100,000 best donors/customers should be provided.  Regression analysis determines which variables are the most predictive for identifying those Arbor Day donors who "look" the most like the mailer's best donors/customers

Mailed Response: This model uses actual responders from the mailer's cross-section mailing of the Arbor Day Foundation file. A large enough cross section from the Arbor Day Foundation must be tested in order to yield 1,000 (net) responders. The responders are returned along with a copy of the net names mailed file.  The characteristics that are most likely to generate positive results are identified and a scoring equation is developed.

Mail-Match: Similar to the Response Model, but instead of mailing an Nth of the Arbor Day file, the mailer forwards a copy of their most recently completed campaign (flagging responders).  Using all the data received from all of the lists mailed from that campaign (or multiple campaigns), a model is built.  

Upon completion of the model build, a modeling report will be provided outlining the predictive variables, model gains, counts by segment and more.  Model builds typically take 3-5 weeks to complete.
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