3,181,000Modeling Universe $75.00/M
Model Scoring Fee +$20.00/M
The Colony Brands Catalogs - Masterfile for Fundraisers combines all 11 titles (Swiss Colony, One Step Ahead, Seventh Avenue, Midnight Velvet, Ginny's, Country Door, Monroe & Main, Montgomery Ward, Ashro, Tender Filet, Wisconsin Cheeseman) to offer a robust, enhanced database for fundraisers. Through their family of catalogs Colony Brands has offered apparel, food and merchandise to women in the mature market for over 50 years.

Models Available:

Good Customer Match:
Mailer provides a sample of their best donors to Colony Brands. The GCM combines everything known about each individual on their donor file to create a model that identifies more of those best donors on the Colony Brands Masterfile. The model is built using the mailer's best donors and utilizes the data available on the Colony Brands Masterfile to create a custom model.

Matched Mailing Response Model:              

The Response model identifies similar donors based on who has responded to recent direct mail campaigns. The mailer should provide enough data to give Colony Brands at least 50,000 donors and 50,000 non-responders in order to build their model. These names are matched back to Colony Brands Database and are identified as likely to donate to the mailer's cause.

Allow 3 weeks for the model to be completed.

 ************** Fast Facts*****************
 Average age.............................57
 Average income.....................$65,000
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Sheryl Benjamin;
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Laura Cantinieri;