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The S.A. Advisory Financial Newsletter list reaches an audience of sophisticated investors who make their buy and sell decisions based on fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis which is centric to S.A. Advisory's stock recommendations, is defined as a method of evaluating a security by attempting to measure its intrinsic value by examining related economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors.  It takes into consideration everything that can affect the security's value, including macroeconomic factors (overall economy and industry conditions) and invidually specific factors (like the financial condition and management of companies).  The end goal of performing fundamental analysis is to produce a value that an investor can compare with the security's current price in hopes of figuring out what sort of position to take with that security.

S.A. Advisory, which is edited by financial guru William Velmer, has been in circulation since 1983.  It is geared towards investors that understand the strategy that yields above average gains with calculated and limited downside risks.  Investors share a common investment interest in technology, oil & gas, industrial, as well as precious metals, representing the major sectors covered by S.A. Advisory. In addition, there is also a heavy interest in international opportunities in regions including Canada, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia and China.  S.A Advisory's investors do not hesitate to invest outside of North American boundaries, with their interest based on investment opportunities that are fundamentally discounted with risk, but with great reward potential.

In addition to paid newsletter subscriptions, S.A. Advisory also offers one-to-one telephone services as well as an elite telephone service for those individuals who want immediate, private investment advice.  This is augmented with a free Email newsletter with hot picks, with an up sell to the yearly phone service for $850 a year to get the hot picks quickly by phone. An example of the Email newsletter can be viewed at www.saadvisory.com.

The S.A. Advisory list reaches individuals who
are specifically looking for buy and sell recommendations from financial gurus. They lean towards advice based on structured analysis methods, and they are not afraid to move quickly on specific recommendations. They are highly receptive to a wide range of financial, investment and upscale consumer offers.
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