592,075Active Investors $120.00/M
284,438High Income Investors $130.00/M
83,204Elite Investors $140.00/M
422,241Financial Newsletter Subs $120.00/M
Bonnier Corporation is a leader in enthusiast publishing with over thirty individual titles in five major categories: Hunting & Outdoors, Marine & Aviation, Science & Technology, Motorcycles, and Luxury Living & Travel. Bonnier subscribers are largely educated affluent males who possess both the time and the resources to really enjoy their passions and lifestyles. Bonnier publishes some of the leading and most recognized brands in publishing such as Sailing World, Flying, Saveur, Saltwater Sportsman, Popular Photography, Yachting, Cruising World, Cycle World, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and so many more.                        

Their subscribers are also at their prime for investing. Bonnier Corporation Investors Masterfile identifies those subscribers who actively engage in investments and also have the incomes to do so.

Bonnier High Income Investors are active investors who earn at least $75,000 a year in income.

Bonnier Elite Investors are active investors who earn at least $150,000 in income annually.

Additional Selects Include Type of Investments @ $10.00/M:
             Real Estate
             Mutual Funds
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