1,576,164Active Subs @ Email $150.00/M
w/Political Affiliation
528,569Active Republican Subs @+$ 16.00/M
Email Address
773,588Active Democratic Subs @+$ 16.00/M
Email Adrs
17,589Active Independent Subs+$ 16.00/M
@ Email Address
558,175Active No Party Subs+$ 16.00/M
@ Email Adrs
Political Affiliation+$ 16.00/M
(All Orders)
Reach Time Inc. politically affiliated subscribers via their email addresses!

The Time Inc. Political Party E-Mail Masterfile
consists of subscribers who have been identified
as Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and/or
Voter Registered - No Party through survey data
from Acxiom's InfoBase. These consumers are also involved with politically affiliated charities and the file is enhanced with demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data for even better segmentation.                    
The Time Inc. Political Party Masterfile    
consists of the combined and unduplicated    
masterfile of the active subscribers to  Coastal Living, Cooking Light, Entertainment Weekly, Food & Wine, Fortune, Golf Magazine, Health, InStyle, Money, People, People en Espaņol, PeopleStyle, Real Simple, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, and Time.

**Selectable by individual title - see separate
data cards**
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