437,787Active Healthcare Prof'ls $115.00/M
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Non-Business Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
The Time Inc. Healthcare Subscribers file consists of healthcare professionals working in a variety of medical offices, practices and facilities.  It includes such prestigious titles as Fortune, Money and Time Magazine. These and all of the other renowned Time Inc. publications are included in this list.

Subscribers are medical doctors/physicians, dentists, office assistants/managers, RN's/nurses and other professionals in the healthcare and wellness industries in small to medium sized practices.  They are looking for all sorts of products and services to help them run efficient businesses, including advertising specialty/imprinted give-a-way products, general office supplies/forms, public place publications, collateral/point of sale displays, office furniture, patient communication cards/greeting cards, small business financial offers, medical journals/newsletters, uniforms /custom apparel, medical devices/equipment, and much more.

In addition to purchasing products and services to run their offices, these affluent medical professionals are ideal prospects for all kinds of consumer related offers such as travel, high-end merchandise, financial services, apparel, home furnishings, and consumer technology gadgets.  

Select by Business/Industry type at $16.00/M extra:
23,979Dental Office
100,863Medical Office
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