1,557,22012 Months Buyers $115.00/M
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
The Oxmoor House Reactivated Book Buyer file offers mailers an opportunity to tap into older book buyer segments.  These are buyers of a variety of Oxmoor House product categories, including Diabetes, Craft, Woodworking, Decorating, Gardening, Quilting, and Scrapcraft. As well as, Older Leisure Arts, Spirit of Christmas, Mr. Food, Southern Living, Cooking Light, and Weight Conscious buyers.  Oxmoor House recency is based on ship date and Southern Progress Magazine subscriber recency is based on order date.  Gooseberry Patch book series buyers can also be reactivated using their Product Reactivation process.  

 ************** Fast Facts *****************  
 Average Income......................$57,151
 Average Age..............................56

Can select by the following Book Categories at $12.00/M extra:
585,21812 Month Christmas Book Buyers
20,37812 Month Passion for Baking Buyers
106,65412 Month Gardening Book Buyers
107,57312 Month Craft Book Buyers
19,22612 Month Quilting Book Buyers
14,45612 Month Diabetes Book Buyers
79,50612 Month Mr. Food Book Buyers
38,99012 Month Life's Little Secrets
Hints & Tips for Dummies
75,92512 Month Southern Living Hints &
585,21812 Month Spirit of Christmas Book
Bottom Line, Inc.
F + W Media, Inc.
Immediated Media Company Bristol
Love of Crochet
Love Of Quilting Magazine
Meredith Corporation
Quilt Now
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Sheryl Benjamin; sheryl.benjamin@lakegroupmedia.com
To place an order, contact:
Anjie Logan; anjie.logan@lakegroupmedia.com