702,488Active Subs/Buyers/Member $115.00/M
341,584Democratic Subs/Byrs/Mem+$ 16.00/M
238,624Republican Subs/Byrs/Mem+$ 16.00/M
8,776Independent Subs/Byrs/Mem+$ 16.00/M
245,775Voter Registered-No Party+$ 16.00/M
Political Affiliation+$ 16.00/M
(All Orders)
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
The Time Inc. Affluent Media Group Political Masterfile consists of subscribers, buyers, and club members who have been identified as democrats, republicans, independents, and/or voter registered-no party through survey data from Acxiom's InfoBase. These consumers are also involved with politically affiliated charities and the file is also enhanced with demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data for even better segmentation.

The Time Inc. Affluent Media Group Political Masterfile consists of the combined and unduplicated active subscribers, buyers, and club members to Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, SkyGuide,  Food & Wine's Official Wine Guide Buyers,  Food & Wine Connoisseur Club, Golf Magazine Players Club, Travel + Leisure Elite Traveler Club, Travel + Leisure Family Club, and SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club.

 ************** Fast Facts *****************  
 Average HH Income..................$118,000  
 Median Age...............................47  

Can select by Donors Interest Category at
$16.00/M extra:                          
          Policical - Conservative
          Political - Liberal    

**Selectable by individual title - see separate
data cards**
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