Facebook® Housefile Cpgn $25.00/M
Facebook® Lapsed Dnr Cpgn $25.00/M
Facebook® MergeMatch Cpgn $25.00/M
15,393,217Facebook® DonorBase® Cpgn $110.00/M
DonorBase® ( is a cooperative prospecting database devoted exclusively for nonprofits and fundraisers.  DonorBase® identifies responsive donor prospects for acquisition campaigns, re-activates lapsed donors, and offers advanced data services.

Members participate in DonorBase® by sharing their donor information within a secure marketing database.  Each member uses the combined database to extract the new prospects needed for their campaigns.

DonorBase® now helps organizations reach their donors and prospects through Facebook®!

With DonorBase® you can:

* Reach your own donors through custom Facebook® campaigns
* Reactivate your Lapsed Donors through custom Facebook® campaigns
* Perform DonorBase® Prospecting Campaigns throughFacebook®
* Conduct Multichannel Marketing Campaigns (Direct Mail (Merge File) + Facebook®)

How Does It Work?

DonorBase® matches your donor, merge, or DonorBase prospecting postal addresses against our proprietary database to identify corresponding Facebook Unique ID's.

Because we match to postal addresses for rich, response-driven data assets, we create extremely targeted custom audiences for Facebook® campaigns.

DonorBase® performs the Facebook® match process in 3-5 business days and DonorBase®-custom Facebook® Audiences* are then ready to be marketed to within the Facebook® ecosystem**.

*Unlimited use of Facebook® audience for 30-days

**Requires acceptance of Facebook® advertising agreement and linking of your organization's Facebook® account with DonorBase® (in order to pass the custom audiences to your social media team).  

Delivery:  3 - 5 workdays after order received.
To place an order, contact:
Bruce DeMaree;