24,221,321Total File $130.00/M
21,265,441Phones $190.00/M
The Lake Access Buyers Database reaches individuals who have purchased products for their business as well as personal use.

The Lake Access Buyers Database is comprised from various sources such as subscriptions, trade shows, seminars, mail order buyers, and public records. Updated and verified quarterly. Selections include Job Title, Industry, SIC, Employee Size , Revenue and Buyer Type.

Can Select By Buyer Type
Executives                   5,114,718
Corporate/Business           3,805,450
Health and Wellness          2,943,887
Book Buyers                  2,060,206
Engineering                  1,679,044
Technology                   1,555,067
Medical                      1,402,554
Nursing                      1,357,624
Finance/Accounting           1,103,076
Computers/IT                 1,008,373
Career                         808,723
Attorney/Law                   447,913
Science                        265,871
Children's Products            108,854
Finance/Investors              230,088
Travel and Leisure             330,059
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