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Nutrition Action Healthletter is a publication  
of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). It provides unbiased nutritional, health and educational information for  consumers in each issue. This newsletter covers topics such as food labeling, nutrition, food safety, product reviews, dietary supplements, exercise, diet-related diseases, and more. Additionally, each issue contains brand-name food ratings, nutrition news, and nutrition research.

Nutrition Action Healthletter does not accept any corporate advertising in its newsletters.  

Through the Donorbase modeling program, participants of this database have the  opportunity to apply their house or prospecting  models to the NAHL file or they can take straight donor data in order to better target prospects.  This program can be utilized for new test opportunities or expansion activity on the list.                                          

 ************** Fast Facts*****************
 Average Age.............................70
 Average Household Income...........$75,648

Donors by Interest Category as identified through Donorbase (24 months):          
 100,756  Animal Welfare            
  47,216  Arts                      
   8,450  Education
 148,600  Environmental  
 195,992  Health                    
 175,919  Humanitarian/Social Service
  96,098  International Relief      
  48,841  Political Liberal
 528,679  Public Benefit Advocacy    
  64,480  Religion
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