12,262,633Total Buyers $125.00/M
No Upfront Modeling Fee
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M

Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in The Pod are the largest brands in Maternity Fashion with a market reach of 75% of all first time Moms. They offer expectant Moms affordable and high-end apparel, accessories and nursing products to help them look and feel their best.

The Motherhood & Pea in The Pod - Modeling Masterfile consists of promotionally responsive households with children because they have signed up for the Preggie Perks Program. Upon sign-up to this opt-in program, they have elected to receive special offers, products and services that will help them as they start or expand their families. This file consists of 100% product buyers as well.

The Motherhood & Pea in The Pod Modeling Masterfile is available for the purpose of statistical modeling in order to improve response on marginal segments and open a new universe of names for top mailers.  

Motherhood & Pea in The Pod offers two types of modeling:  Good Customer Match and Mailed Regression.  

The Good Customer Match model identifies buyers on the Motherhood & Pea in The Pod file that have similar characteristics to your customers. The model is built by taking a sample from your customer file and analyzing it against the enhanced characteristics on Motherhood & Pea in The Pod's house file.  Sophisticated segmentation techniques are used to reach improved response rates.

The Mailed model regression involves mailing a specific quantity of Motherhood & Pea in The
Pod buyers considerable enough to provide a minimum of 1,000 responses. The responders are then analyzed against Motherhood & Pea in The Pod's data to build the mailed regression model.

When the model build is complete, a report with the model's results will be issued and sent to the broker/mailer for market research purposes and selection decisions.

$2,000/F cancellation fee for models not used within 12 months.
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