9,000,009Total Universe $185.00/M
Email Broadcast
Includes Trans and report
< 5,000 Please Inquire
5,001 - 10,000 $185.00/M
10,001 - 20,000 $175.00/M
20,001 - 25,000 $165.00/M
25,001 - 50,000 $150.00/M
50,001 - 100,000 $125.00/M
100,000 + $100.00/M
Unlimited Use (1 year)
(Email, Postal, Phones)
< 5,000 Inquire
5,000 - 10,000 $580.00/M
10,001 - 25,000 $440.00/M
25,001 - 50,000 $360.00/M
50,001 - 100,000 $290.00/M
100,000 - 250,000 $220.00/M
The On Demand Business Masterfile provides access to over 15 million records in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom. The list is verified and updated monthly from a number of well-known sources such as private databases; business credit reports; annual reports; yellowpage directories; and business and industry directories. 50 million source records are cleaned, validated, and scored until there are 15 million vaild records. Each record contains: Contact Name, Job Title, Company Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, Address and more. Unlimited use of the email, postal, and,phone records is available.

Can Select By Industry:
6,259Agriculture and Mining
13,569Farming and Ranching
3,628Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
1,955Forestry and Logging
5,167Mining and Quarrying
48,847Accounting and Tax Preparation
67,614Advertising, Marketing and PR
303,296Business Services
9,753Data and Records Management
18,118Facilities Mgmt and Maintenance
46,518HR and Recruiting Services
156,746Legal Services
46,353Management Consulting
11,994Sales Services
10,824Security Services
10,796Audio, Video and Photography
33,453Computers and Electronics
11,094Computers, Parts and Repair
29,828Consumer Electronics
8,788Instruments and Controls
59,640IT and Network Services
898Network Security Products
14,959Networking Equipment and Sys
3,665Office Machinery and Equipment
8,128Peripherals Manufacturing
23,529Semiconductor/Microchip Manuf
3,857Automotive Repair and Maint
93,676Consumer Services
1,047Funeral Homes
834Laundry and Dry Cleaning
859Parking Lots and Garage Mgmt
7,574Personal Care
276,695Colleges and Universities
29,949Education Other
7,020Libraries and Museums
1,582Sports, Arts and Recreation
7,649Technical and Trade Schools
1,264Test Preparation
6,252Alternative Energy Sources
16,944Energy and Utilities Other
37,074Gas and Electric Utilities
14,268Gasoline and Oil Refineries
295Sewage Treatment Facilities
4,048Waste Management and Recycling
4,612Water Treatment and Utilities
15,164Credit Card Services
13,372Credit Unions
27,279Financial Services (Other)
113,054Insurance and Risk Management
34,148Investment/Venture Capital
17,146Lending and Mortgage
Personal Financial Planning
17,067and Private Banking
24,673Securities Agents and Brokers
25,338Government Other
6,122International Organizations
63,941Local Government
119,977National Government
49,448State/Provincial Government
7,975Diagnostic Laboratories
40,984Doctors and Physicians
6,793Pharmaceuticals/Biotech Other
10,677Medical Devices
25,261Medical Supplies and Equipment
5,737Outpatient Care Centers
13,499Personal Health Care Products
17,699Residential and Long-Term Care
2,022Veterinary Clinics and Services
30,758Aerospace and Defense
3,956Alcoholic Beverages
27,341Automobiles/Boats/Motor Vehicles
43,287Chemicals and Petrochemicals
8,027Concrete/Glass/Building Materials
4,066Farming Mining Machinery
Food and Dairy Product
38,255Manufacturing and Packaging
4,723Furniture Manufacturing
23,481Heavy Machinery
99,189Manufacturing (Other)
18,159Metals Manufacturing
4,868Nonalcoholic Beverages
6,889Paper and Paper Products
3,999Plastics and Rubber Manuf
18,735Textiles, Apparel
37,898Tools/Hardware/Light Machinery
25,159Media and Entertainment Other
8,629Motion Picture and Recording
516Motion Picture Exhibitors
6,182Performing Arts
29,316Radio/Television Broadcasting
6,494Advocacy Organizations
43,244Charitable Org and Foundations
21,338Non-Profit Org
22,209Professional Associations
27,689Religious Organizations
15,250Social and Membership Org
12,059Trade Groups and Labor Unions
43,409Arch/Engineering and Design
75,495Construction and Remodeling
19,704Construction Equipment
13,982Property Leasing and Mgmt
14,867Real Estate and Construction
55,239Real Estate Agents/Appraisers
24,844Real Estate Investment and Dev
24,409Automobile Dealers
2,834Automobile Parts Stores
1,510Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores
15,092Clothing and Shoes Stores
16,475Department Stores
6,029Furniture Stores
1,065Gasoline Stations
18,916Grocery,Specialty Food Stores
3,652Hardware/Building Supplies
3,209Jewelry/Luggage/Leather Goods
3,227Office Supplies Stores
36,157Restaurants and Bars
109,500Retail (Other)
Sporting Goods/Hobby
6,160Book/Music Stores
16,576Data Analytics/Mgmt/Storage
25,881E-commerce and Internet Sevices
4,581Games and Gaming
25,600Software and Internet Other
4,065Cable Television Providers
17,045Telecommunications Equipment
12,519Telecommunications Other
35,629Telephone Service Providers
1,965Video and Teleconferencing
12,649Wireless and Mobile
6,377Air Couriers and Cargo Services
5,544Airport/Harbor/Terminal Operation
19,075Freight Hauling (Rail and Truck)
4,423Marine and Inland Shipping
4,995Moving Companies and Services
5,506Postal/Express Delivery/Couriers
10,650Transportation and Storage Other
4,271Warehousing and Storage
5,461Amusement Parks and Attractions
1,135Cruise Ship Operations
3,224Gambling and Gaming Industries
34,209Hotels, Motels and Lodging
6,383Sports and Recreation
4,454Passenger Airlines
2,882Rental Cars
4,546Resorts and Casinos
6,201Spectator Sports and Teams
290Taxi and Limousine Services
3,224Trains, Buses and Transit Sys
6,883Travel Agents and Services
10,869Travel/Recreation/Leisure (Other)
1,269Apparel Wholesalers
2,294Automobile Parts Wholesalers
1,594Beer/Wine/Liquor Wholesalers
8,787Grocery and Food Wholesalers
Lumber and Construction
1,983Materials Wholesalers
1,130Metal and Mineral Wholesalers
Office Equipment
2,397and Supplies Wholesalers
Can Select By Job Title:
462,967Human Resource
538,004Eng and Research
Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC
Montefiore Medical Center
Stetson Univ. College Of Law-CLE
University Of San Diego
Venus Concepts
For list recommendations, contact:
Bruce Thomson; bruce.thomson@lakegroupmedia.com
To place an order, contact:
Bruce Thomson; bruce.thomson@lakegroupmedia.com