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The Street Alert is the premier news portal where we feature the most popular and most discussed stocks on the web and provide stock market news and updates on fast moving stocks. Through our staff members and business partnerships, we are able to discover new companies that are about to achieve extreme gains in a matter of days.  Since inception in 2006, our subscriber's base is constantly growing, as more people witness the tremendous gains that their portfolios experience after our bi-weekly stock alerts.  

The Street Alert owns and operates and that finds and alerts our members to the most exciting public companies trading under $5.00 in the markets.

The Street Alert direct mail file consists of individuals that invest in common stocks outside of the major exchanges. These investors are considered high-risk takers because the penny stocks they trade are speculative and there is always a possibility they may lose their entire investment. These investors are looking for rapid growth with very little investment and are willing to make risky decisions in order to potentially make a very large profit. Many of these risk-takers do their own investing without the help of brokers or financial advisors. This makes them good prospects for a variety of offers, as they are willing to invest their time and money in many business ventures and endeavors

The staff members at The Street Alert search all the major indexes for companies that are experiencing unusual technical trends, have recently exhibited outstanding developments, as well as other factors, all of which are suggesting returns of 300% or greater. We alert companies from the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTCBB!

The Street Alert and its owned and operated companies and members are serious penny stock investors.  These individuals' investors prefer to control their investments and turn to The Street Alert for investment ideas in the Penny Stock World since 2006.
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