1,658,366E-Mail Addresses $125.00/M
100,335Prenatal+$ 25.00/M
1,120,908Postnatal+$ 15.00/M
Child Date of Birth+$ 15.00/M
Family Connexx Premium brings to the market baby registry information from leading brick and  mortar and online baby registry partners.
This Premium database of baby registrants has  
been built exclusively by Lake Group Media      
through partnerships with these leading baby    
registry companies.                            

These are consumers who have signed up for baby
registries and indiciated the exact expected    
birth month/year of their child as part of the  
sign-up process.  It is the highest quality    
family data on the market.

It has also been matched with demographic,      
psychographic and true purchase data so that    
marketers can create highly targeted selections
for the best response rates.                    

Segmentation available for direct mail, email  
and digital display media.
For list recommendations, contact:
Lenore DeBellis;
To place an order, contact:
Jinelle Cruz;