471,244Mar'19 Donors $90.00/M
2,107,068Jan'19-Mar'19 Donors $85.00/M
4,679,093Oct'18-Mar'19 Donors $80.00/M
8,631,807Apr'18-Mar'19 Donors $80.00/M
Catalog Rate $70.00/M
Lake Group Media's Donor Connexx file is a multi-sourced database of charitable giving transactions enriched with key demographic data. By using critical selection criteria such as donation date or amount and category of organization targeted for contribution, mailers can fine tune their segmentation by adding demographic elements such as age and income to enrich performance.  

The Donor Connexx database is created from actual charitable contributions to a wide group of organizations throughout the United States. These responsive donors are prime prospect for mailers in the non-profit arena as well as marketers in BTC merchandise, publishing, and other areas.  By utilizing available selection criteria mailers are able to target their best prospects.

 *************** Fast Facts ****************  
 Average Age..............................62
 Average Income......................$87,186
 Male Head of Household..................75%

Can select by Organizations Supported (12 Month
$5+ Donors) at $12.00/M extra:                  
 2,305,050  Advocacy                          
 1,694,113  Animal Welfare                    
   716,596  Arts/Culture                      
 2,399,973  Environmental                      
 7,055,146  Health                            
 3,046,918  International Relief              
   191,968  Public Broadcasting
 1,478,603  Religious                          
 1,492,366  Liberal Non-Profits                
   150,079  Conservative Non-Profits          

Children's Age/Presence of Children:
            Age 0-3                        
            Age 4-6                        
            Age 7-9                        
            Presence of Child in Household    


           Health & Natural Foods
           Healthy Living
           Jogging / Running
           Personal Fitness
           Natural and herbal remedies
           Vitamin / Supplement Buyers

           Food & Wine      
           Foreign / International

Can select by Ethnicity (12 Mos) at $15.00/M
   267,137  African American
Can select by Age Range (Head of Household) at $8.00/M extra:
Age 18-24
Age 25-34
Age 35-44
Age 45-54
Age 55-64
Age 65-74
Age 75+
Can select by Income at $8.00/M extra:
Can select Children's Age @ $8.00/M Extra:
Can Select by Lifestyle Interest @ $12.00/M Extra:
Can select by Religion (12 Mos) at $15.00/M extra:
American Federation Of Police
Boston Children's Hospital
Catholic Charities of Arlington
Children's Medical Center Fdtn
Community Food Bank Of NJ
Environmental Defense Fund
Flight 93 National Memorial
Food Bank Alliance
Food Bank for NYC
Food Banks Consortium
Gleaners Community Food Bank
Greater Chicago Food
Hospice Support Fund
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc.
Hudson River Park Friends
Humane Society Consortium
Humane Society of South Carolina
Humane Society of U.S.
Judicial Watch
Local Hospital Consortium
Meals on Wheels Albuquerque
Meals on Wheels/Greater Houston
Moffitt Cancer Center
National Breast Cancer Research
National Museum of the U.S. Army
National Police Association
New Hampshire Food Bank
North Shore Animal League
North Texas Food Bank
Operation Kindness
PAWS Chicago
Planned Parenthood
Redwood Empire Food Banks
Rescue Missions
Riley Children's Hospital
So Others Might Eat
SPCA of Texas
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fnd
Tony Larussa's Animal Rescue Fdtn
University of Iowa Children Hosp
Volunteer FireFighter Alliance
Yale-New Haven Hospital
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