5,801,871Hispanic Moms $125.00/M
485,024Postnatal+$ 15.00/M
Child Date of Birth+$ 15.00/M
Data Axle's Family Connexx - Hispanic Moms offers the largest source of U.S. households selectable by actual child date of birth (birth month and year). Family Connexx is a multi-sourced database of leading brands in the family marketplace.  

Using the leading data provider E-Tech, the    
Family Connexx - Hispanic Moms file allows
mailers to accurately select this database by  
customer ethnicity. This is a perfect file for
ethnic related offers such as organizations,  
insurance, publishing and foreign language.    

From expectant parents to households with school aged children, Family Connexx helps marketers identify the many different stages and the subsequent buying habits of the American family. In addition, our multiple sources work as a natural qualifier for highly active purchasers and overall data quality.

This database is not made up of survey data, but actual response data of consumers who have signed up for, purchased or subscribed to products and services specifically in the children's market. It is the highest quality family data on the market matched with demographic, psychographic and true purchase data so that marketers can create highly targeted selections for the best response rates.

Family Connexx's large available universe makes it perfect for all regional and niche marketers in the family market, allowing them to be as targeted as needed with maximum reach.

Services Available:
Family Connexx Appends:  Append exact child date of birth to your customer base for better customer analysis, prospecting and product development (Please inquire for pricing)
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