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Full List Name: New Frankform Organic and Inorganic Chemicals Professionals

The New Frankform Organic and Inorganic Chemicals Professionals is comprised of  research and development senior chief executives and their management teams producing basic chemicals manufacturing products by predominantly chemical processes.The facilities and laboratories  manufacture four general classes of products:
1. basic chemicals such as acids, alkalies, salts and organic chemicals.
2. chemical products to be used in further manufacture such as synthetic fibres, plastic materials/ pigments.
3. finished chemical products to be used for ultimate consumption such as drugs, cosmetics and soaps, or to be used as materials in other industries such as paints, fertilisers and explosives.
4. Establishments primarily engaged in petrol refining, manufacturing and compounding lubricating oils and greases.

Inorganics - research chemicals and their management teams concerned with the properties and reactions of the elements and of compounds that do not contain chains or rings of carbon atoms such as alkalies, inorganic pigments, industrial inorganic chemicals.
Organic- research chemist engineers and their management teams concerned with the study and manufacture of components that contain chains or rings of carbon atoms such as acrylic and nylon, drugs for pharmaceutical products, diagnostics substances, biological products, soap and detergents, cosmetics, paints, industrial organic chemicals, dyes and organic pigments.
Agricultural- chemical engineers and their management teams manufacturing compounds such as nitrogenous fertilisers, pesticides, explosives, printing links.
Petroleum Refining- Chemical engineers and their management teams manufacturing and processing petroleum, asphalt paring, mixtures and blocks, lubricating oils, petroleum and coal.
Rubber and Plastics Products - chemists and their senior management teams engaged in the production of tyres and inner tubes, rubber and plastic footwear, hose belting and extruded rubber and plastic products, plastic film, laminated plastic, plastic pipe, plastic form and products.
Leather- engineers and their management teams manufacturing such products as leather tanning and finishing, leather footwear, luggage, handbags and personal leather effects.
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Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
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Can Select By Industry/SIC:
418#21110 Cigarettes
292#21210 Cigars
207#21310 Chewing and Smoking Tobacco
192#21410 Tobacco Stemming and Re-Dying
44#21999 Analytical Tobacco Process
324#28120 Alkalies and Chlorine
977#28130 Industrial Gases
661#28160 Inorganic Pigments
3,964#28190 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals nec
4,930#28210 Plastics Materials and Rubber
475#28220 Synthetic Rubber
381#28230 Cellulobres,Non-Celluloions
2,969#28240 Cosmetics
342#28250 Perfumes
216#28260 Aroma Compounds
99#28270 Chemicals for Cosmetics
148#28280 Perfume Sprays
386#28290 Monomers and Polymers
103#28305 Specialist Gas
1,587#28310 Biological Products
1,183#28320 Pharmacology in Manufacturing
1,367#28330 Medicinal Vitamins Natural
20,170#28340 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
690#28350 Diagnostic Substances
790#28360 Bio Endocrin/Immunological Products
515#28380 Pharmaceuticals Science
2,348#28410 Soap and other Detergents
2,061#28420 Polishes and Sanitation Goods
623#28430 Surface Active Agents
5,019#28440 Toilet Preparations
5,728#28510 Paints and Allied Products
232#28610 Gum and Wood Chemicals
724#28650 Cyclic Crudes and Intermedias
3,790#28690 Industrial Organic Chemicals,nec
981#28730 Nitrogenous Fertilisers
332#28740 Phosphoric Fertilisers
828#28750 Fertilisers,Mixing only
1,730#28790 Agricultural Chemicals,nec
2,406#28910 Adhesives and Sealants
344#28920 Explosives
1,109#28930 Printing Ink
45#28940 Wax Products
170#28950 Carbon Black
2,217#28960 Chemistry Pure Research
180#28980 Process Chemicals Science
8,707#28990 Chemical Preparations,nec
46,542#28999 Analytical Inorganics Process
4,358#29110 Petrol and Oil Refining
21#29190 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals,nec
1,147#29510 Asphalt Paving,Mixture and Block
580#29520 Asphalt Felts and Coatings
1,280#29920 Lub Oils and Grease
132#29950 Petrochemicals Science
306#29990 Petroleum and Coal Products,nec
5,155#29999 Analytical Petrochemical Processng
1,172#30110 Tyres and Innner Tubes
758#30210 Rubber and Plastics Footwear
30#30310 Reclaimed Rubber
454#30410 Rubber and Plastics
989#30520 Rubber and Plastic Hose and Belting
2,050#30530 Gaskets,Packing & Sealing Devices
776#30610 Mechanical Rubber Goods
6,027#30690 Fabricated Rubber Products,nec
5,769#30790 Miscellaneous Plastics and Rubber
2,139#30810 Unsupported Plastic Film and Sheet
234#30820 Unsupported Plastics Profile Shape
1,396#30830 Laminated Plastics Plate Sheet
608#30840 Plastic Pipe
845#30850 Plastic Bottles
1,772#30860 Plastics Foam Products
673#30870 Custom Compound Purchase Resin
464#30875 Plastic Enclosures
744#30880 Plastic Plumbing Fixtures
43,668#30890 Plastics Products,nec
129#30999 Analytical Rubber Plastic combined
975#31110 Leather Tannign and Finishing
172#31310 Footwear Cut Stock
124#31420 House Slippers
1,457#31430 Men's Footwear,excl Athletic
704#31440 Women's Footwear,excl Athletic
2,569#31490 Footwear,excluding Rubber,nec
166#31510 Leather Gloves and Mittens
1,016#31610 Luggage
1,860#31710 Women's Handbags and Purses
836#31720 Personal Leather Goods,nec
2,203#31990 Leather Goods,nec
39#31999 Analytical Leather Process
1,179#32110 Flat Glass
1,342#32210 Glass Containers
2,097#32290 Pressed and Blown Glass
2,884#32310 Products of Purchased Glass
2,035#32410 Cement and Hydraulic
118#32450 Laboratory Glassware
587#32510 Brick and Structural Clay Tile
1,605#32530 Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile
502#32550 Clay Refractors
355#32590 Structural Clay Products,nec
588#32610 Vitreous Plumbing Fixtures
324#32620 Viters China Table and Kitchenware
181#32630 Semi-viters Table and Kitchenware
449#32640 Porcelain Electrical Supplies
1,627#32690 Pottery Products,nec
1,650#32710 Concrete Block and Brick
5,022#32720 Concrete Products,nec
2,178#32730 Ready-mixed Concrete
462#32740 Lime
481#32750 Gypsum Products
1,199#32810 Cut Stone and Stone Products
1,462#32910 Abrasive Products - non-metallic
450#32920 Asbestos Products - non-metallic
204#32930 Gaskets and Seals - non-metallic
731#32950 Minerals,Ground or Treated-non-metal
1,266#32960 Mineral Wool - non-metallic
482#32970 Non-clay Refractories
6#32980 Carbide and Silicon Mineral
598#32990 Non-metallic Minerals
151#32999 Analytical Ceramic/Mineral Process
Can Select By Job Title:
24,494Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
10,637Finance Dir/Controller
8,712Purchasing Dir/Mgr
8,601Production/Works Dir/Mgr
7,755Personnel Manager
5,255Quality Controller
5,119Technician,Technical Manager/Director
3,196IT Manager/Director
2,923Operations Director/Manager
2,523R and D Dir/Mgr
2,338Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
2,260Company Secretary
2,126Administration Staff
1,812Senior Executives and Professionals
1,515Import/Export Dir/Mgr
626Clinical Chemist
525Fleet Manager/Director
505Microbiologist / Molecular
454IS Manager/Director
430Laboratory Manager
401Services Manager
326Communications Director/Manager
272DP Manager/Director
252Projects Manager/Director
247Laboratory Technician
234Legal Executives
219Health and Safety Officer
204Product/Brand Manager
165Systems Manager/Engineer
120Computer Manager/Director
110Training Manager
94Customer Relations Mgr
72Logistics/Transport Mgr/Dir
39Facilities Manager/Director
20Computer Analyst
12Network Planners/Integrators
12Software Engineer
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