1,472,946DONORBASE ULTRA Donors $85.00/M
204,773L12M ULTRA Health Donors
397,216L24M ULTRA Health Donors
316,141L12M ULTRA Public Benefit
511,569L24M ULTRA Public Benefit
185,293L12M ULTRA Environmental
273,619L24M ULTRA Environmental
259,279L12M ULTRA International
467,015L24M ULTRA International
260,038L12M ULTRA Humanitarian
489,485L24M ULTRA Humanitarian
131,553L12M ULTRA Animal Donors
208,026L24M ULTRA Animal Donors
179,157L12M ULTRA Arts Donors
275,889L24M ULTRA Arts Donors
244,568L12M ULTRA Democratic +$10.00/M
451,542L24M ULTRA Democratic +$10.00/M
103,793L12M ULTRA Republican +$10.00/M
206,441L24M ULTRA Republican +$10.00/M
Facebook Custom Audience +$7.50/M
DonorBaseŽ ( is a cooperative prospecting database devoted exclusively for nonprofits and fundraisers.  DonorBaseŽ identifies responsive direct mail donor prospects for acquisition campaigns, and re-activates lapsed donors.

Members participate in DonorBaseŽ by sharing their donor information within a secure marketing database.  Each member uses the combined database to extract the new prospects needed for their direct mail campaigns.

Through the use of proprietary High-Gift donor data DonorBase identifies direct mail responsive donor prospects with exceptional high-gift capabilities - the DonorBase "ULTRA" segment.

ULTRA names can also be selected according to RFM, Demographic, Lifestyle, Political Affinity, or through the use of your DonorBase model.  Use ULTRA to immediately reach donors with the ability to substantially support your mission!
Delivery:  2 - 10 workdays after order received.Updated quarterly.

Cancellation Policy: $10/M run charges, media/shipping charges, and $75/F cancel charge. Orders cancelled after mail date must be paid in full.
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