460,387Total Universe/ Base Rate $135.00
US Postal $135.00/M
International Postal $225.00/M
UK Postal $250.00/M
Canada Postal $165.00/M
Int'l Postal & Phn Combo $350.00/M
Canada Postal & Phn Combo $285.00/M
Email Broadcast & Report
US - HTML $250.00/M
International - HTML $320.00/M
Canada - HTML $275.00/M
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The New Frankform Agriculture Masterfile is a B2B database that supplies the most up to date verfied information for your email, postal, or telemarketing campaign. Comprised of indiviuals in the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products, includes Research, veterinarians, Forestry, Fishing/Hunting.  The New Frankform Agriculture Masterfile is unique as the data may be utilized for a one time or multi use campaign or can be purchased for unlimited one year use. Each record is delivered with the email address, postal address, and phone number enhancing your ability to reach your target market via a multi channel or individual marketing campaign. Domestic and international marketers can now confidently deploy multi-channel marketing strategies using Frankform's highly deliverable postal, email, telephone, and fax data to penetrate specific market segments in each country. International marketers benefit from using Frankform's highly selectable email database to market their company as a very effective means to gain clients worldwide. The New Frankform Agriculture Masterfile is verified and updated constantly which make this file a powerful tool for your multi channel or single source email, postal, and telemarketing campaign..
The New Frankform Agriculture Masterfile is ideal for promoting all types of products and services including food and beverage , health and medical related products and services, office supplies, travel, books, publications, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, construction equipment, telecommunications,computer hardware and software products, social media offers, and more.

Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

We also offer the following services : Data append, Data Enancement, Data Licensing, 360 Company Profile Reports, Company Match, Customer Profiling, SEO and more.

Can Select By Work Type:
431Administration Staff
48Clinical Chemist
551Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
14Communications Director/Manager
209Company Secretary
15DP Manager/Director
236R & D Dir/Mgr
1,429Finance Dir/Controller
23Fleet Manager/Director
12Health and Safety Officer
14IS Manager/Director
64IT Manager/Director
161Import/Export Dir/Mgr
297Laboratory Manager
124Laboratory Technician
26Legal Executives
764Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
1,747Matron,Senior Nurse,Nursing Staff
109Operations Director/Manager
248Personnel Manager
260Production/Works Dir/Mgr
21Projects Manager/Director
229Purchasing Dir/Mgr
698Quality Controller
217Microbiologist / Molecular
1,436Senior Executives & Professionals
17Services Manager
164Technician,Technical Manager/Director
115,927Veterinary Surgeon
45Other Job Titles
Can Select By Employee Size:
4,984,54820 - 49
2,543,41650 - 99
2,490,334100 - 249
1,253,346250 - 599
1,118,307500 - 999
1,482,4851,000 - 4,999
506,5005,000 - 9,999
Can Select By Revenue:
3,284,133$500,000 to $1M
6,229,862$1M to $2.5M
8,424,082$2.5M to $5M
4,795,592$5M to $10M
4,283,669$10M to $20M
1,856,927$20M to $50M
1,773,544$50M to $100M
2,401,083$100M to $500M
1,257,597$500M to $1B
2,426,073Over $1 Billion
Can Select By SIC/Industry:
21#1110 Wheat
12#1120 Rice
36#1150 Corn
13#1160 Soybeans
97#1190 Cash Grains,nec
75#1310 Cotton
21#1320 Tobacco
159#1330 Sugar Cane and Sugar Beets
374#1340 Potatoes
128#1390 Field Crop/excluding Cash Grains,nec
632#1610 Vegetables and Melons
73#1710 Berry Crops
268#1720 Grapes
62#1730 Tree Nuts
107#1740 Citrus Fruits
271#1750 Deciduous Tree Fruits
305#1790 Fruits and Tree Nuts,nec
1,390#1810 Ornamental Nursery Products
828#1820 Food Crop grown under cover
216#1890 Horticultural Specialities,nec
1,832#1910 General Farm,primarily Crop
80#1950 Soil Science
223#1999 Analytical Agricultural Process
439#2110 Beef Cattle Feedlots
140#2120 Beef Cattle,except Feedlots
171#2130 Pigs
76#2140 Sheep and Goats
1,846#2410 Dairy Farms
210#2510 Broiler,Fryer and Roaster Chicken
152#2520 Chicken Eggs
55#2530 Turkey and Turkey Eggs
439#2540 Poultry Hatcheries
245#2590 Poultry,Game and Eggs
24#2710 Fur-Bearing Animals and Rabbits
118#2720 Horses and other Equines
415#2730 Fish Farms
190#2790 Animal Specialities,nec
884#2910 General Farms,primarily Animals
25#2950 Animal Science
4,470#2999 General Livestock Other
68#7110 Soil Preparation Services
117#7120 Fertilisers
1,179#7210 Crop Planting and Protecting
121#7220 Crop Harvesting
610#7230 Crop Prep Services for Markets
65#7240 Cotton Ginning
1,546#7250 Agrochemical
91#7260 Fungicides and Insecticides
86#7270 Weed Killer Herbicides
18#7290 General Arable Services
2,209#7350 Botany and Plant Pathology
87,380#7410 Veterinary Surgeons
22,107#7420 Veterinary Services,Specialities
4,656#7430 Government Vet Inspectorate
1,027#7440 Veterinary Laboratory
14,409#7450 Veterinary Science
4,910#7510 Livestock Services excl Veterinary
5,773#7520 Animal Speciality Services
870#7530 Animal Food Compounders
272#7610 Farm Labour Contractors
712#7620 Farm Management Services
10,300#7810 Landscape Counselling and Planning
12,317#7820 Lawn and Garden Services
2,033#7830 Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services
336#7840 Enteronoloy/Bees etc
597#7999 Analytical Vet Services
530#8110 Timber Tracts
33#8210 Forest Nursery Seed Gathering
1,667#8310 Forest Products
87#8490 Farming of Forest Products
1,514#8510 Forestry Services
186#8550 Forestry Science
637#8999 Analytical Forestry Services
147#9120 Finfish
110#9130 Shellfish
136#9190 Marine Products
388#9210 Fish Hatcheries and Preserves
52#9710 Hunting,Trapping,Game Propagation
72#9750 Oceanography Science
471#9999 Analytical Fish Services
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