6,701,708Total Universe/ Base Rate $1.00/E
Email Broadcast
(tracking & transmission)
20,000 - 25,000 $700.00/M
25,001 - 50,000 $350.00/M
50,001 - 100,000 $250.00/M
100,000 - 250,000 $250.00/M
100,001 + $200.00/M
250,000 + $150.00/M
Postal - Please Inquire
6,701,708Email, Postal , Phone
(1 year license)
5,000 - 10,000$1000.00/M
10,001- 25,000 $700.00/M
25,001 - 50,000 $350.00/M
50,001 - 100,000 $250.00/M
100,000 - 250,000 $200.00/M
200,000 + $150.00/M
The Lake B2B Multichannel Global IT Masterfile is the superior technology datacbase available on the markeet today. This technology base contains a variety of segments each with it's own unique sourcing and creation methodologies. You now have the ability to penetrate key technical professionals and executives across all industries with the ability to preselect the types of systems these firms are running.

This unique B2B database supplies the most up to date verfied information for your email, postal, or telemarketing campaign. This list will help you to target IT users and the specific software that they utilize. The Lake B2B Multichannel Global IT Masterfile is unique as every record is delivered with the email address, postal address, and phone number enhancing your ability to reach your target market via a multi channel or individual marketing campaign. Our partnership with the B2B Data Partners in India has provided us with the most powerful tools and innovations in the field of data research and solutions. Their research and call center makes 1.2 million phone calls per month as part of the data verifcation process. All email addresses are SMTP verified on a quarterly basis to identify deliverable, active email addresses. The undeliverables are scrubbed from the file within a 24 hour period. With over 800,000 Job Titles to choose from The The Lake B2B Multichannel Global IT Masterfile has what you are looking for and will deliver the results you are seeking.

The The Lake B2B Multichannel Global IT Masterfile is ideal for promoting all types of products and services computer hardware and software products, business services offers, office supplies, travel, books, publications, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, telecommunications,, social media offers, and more.

Also selectable by: Application Type, Industry, Job Function, Type of Software Used and more. Please inquire.

Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

We also offer the following services : Data append, Data Enancement, Data Licensing, 360 Company Profile Reports, Company Match, Customer Profiling, SEO and more.

Can select by Job Title:
Top 20 Job Titles....
Chief Information Officers
Chief Technology Officers
Chief Security Officers
Vice President of Networking
Vice President of Engineering
Vice President of Information Services
Vice President of Information Systems
Vice President of Information Technology
Director of Communications
Director of Engineering
Director of Networking
Director of Information System
Director of Information Security
Director of Information Technology
Manager of Application
Manager of Communications
Manager of Engineering
Manager of Networking
Manager of Information Security
Manager of Information System
Manager of Information Technology
Can select by Users A-E:
1,4304S DAWN Technology
3,809ABS,Visual Staff Scheduler Technology
10,370Accela Technology
15,480Accellion Technology s
5,500Accelrys Technology
1,840Acclaim Software Technology s
7,140Accruent Technology
7,487AceProject Technology
4,318ACI Technology
2,219Act by Sage Technology
1,035Actimize Technology
2,309Actipro Technology
1,244Activant SUP Technology
30,633Adobe Technology
23,994Adobe R Technology
6,194Adobe Acrobat Technology
1,386Adobe Dreamweaver Technology
14,899Adobe Flex Technology
10,991Adobe Photoshop Technology
3,183ADP Technology
1,237Advent Technology
1,391Aegis Technology
3,959Agile Software Technology
11,354Agresso Technology
8,965Air2Web Technology
10,114aiSee Technology
4,108Akamai Technology
1,775Aldon Technology
5,098Alexsys Team 2 Technology
1,943Algorithmics Technology
1,615Alloy Navigator Technology
55,663Alpha Software Technology
1,665Amberpoint Technology
24,286Amcom Technology
7,994Amdocs Technology
1,424AMS Storage Server Technology
6,022Analyseit Technology
1,667Anystream Technology
5,566Apache/Tomcat Server Technology
24,613Aperture VISTA Technology
2,713API RBI Technology
2,169Appian Technology
8,446Apple Technology
12,094Apple Mac OS Technology
1,453Appligent Technology
1,833Applimation Technology
1,641Approva BizRights Technology
2,634Aprimo Technology
3,071Arbor Peakflow Technology
9,978ARCHIBUS Technology
2,255Arena PLM Technology
7,359Argent Defender Technology
7,333Arial Software Technology
14,189Ariba Technology
13,297Articulate Technology
1,000askSam Technology
5,006Aspect Technology
30,682Aspen Beowulf Technology
1,731AssureNET Technology
8,427AssurX s CATSWeb Technology
7,182AT&T Technology
3,939Atex Technology
2,102ATG Technology
14,939Atlassian Technology
2,303Atrixware Technology
1,135Auto FX Technology
2,797AutoCad Technology
81,811Autodesk Technology
3,834AutomatedQA Technology
15,243Autonomy Technology
4,744Avalanche MC Technology
24,062Avaya Technology
1,012Avocent Technology
24,269Avtech Technology
4,522BCGSoft Technology
7,011BEA Technology
12,238Beagle Software Technology
1,602Benefit Software Technology
1,032Bersoft Technology
1,030BizFlow Technology
4,513Blackbaud Technology
9,899BlackBerry Technology
1,718Blue Coat Technology
17,259Bluearc Technology
61,768BMC Technology
2,153Bomgar Technology
5,986BorderWare Technology
1,115Box Office Xpress Technology
1,590BP Logix Technology
10,715Brainshark Technology
5,932Bridgeline Technology
3,252BroadVisionP Technology
5,795BSQUARE Technology
2,039BugBox Technology
1,070Bugzero Technology
19,551Business Objects Technology
5,842Byteworx Technology
7,089CA Clarity Technology
3,515CAD Technology
1,062Cadence Technology
1,503CADSIM Plus Technology
1,242CAI Networks (WebMux) Technology
2,343CALUMO Technology
6,412Canto Cumulus Technology
1,107Carefx Technology
4,593Cascade Server Technology
3,880CaseLogistix Technology
9,224Caspio Technology
61,202Catalyst (SocketTools) Tech
1,925CATIA (Dassault) Technology
1,001caWeb4 Technology
1,853CCS Service Request Technology s
1,460CDC ERP Software Applications s
34,318CDC CRM Software Applications s
1,348CelerantP Technology
1,705Cezanne Technology
7,644Check Point Technology
10,698Checkbox Survey Technology
12,183ChemBioOffice Technology
1,356Ciena CN 4200 Technology
1,192CIMS Light Technology
8,492CinCom Technology
85,912Cisco Technology
50,512Citrix Technology
1,274Cityspan Funder Technology
1,294Clarabridge Technology
19,949CodeBase Technology
13,257CodeFutures Technology
2,053Cogent Technology
12,558Cognos Technology
3,368COGZ Technology
5,801CollabNet Technology
12,581CommonSpot Technology
2,071CommVaultP Technology
1,860Compellent Technology
3,814Comptel Technology
3,676Compusense Technology
1,667Computers Unlimited V Tech
2,039ComTec Technology
1,255Comverse Technology
7,125Configuresoft Technology
2,661Connectedsign Technology
3,799Consona Onyx Technology
1,192Convergys Technology
3,474Convio Technology
1,013CORAID EtherDrive Technology
9,343Corda Technology
7,039Coremetrics Technology
1,511Cornerstone Ondemand Technology
4,451Coverity Technology
2,994CrondSys VAR/Enterprise Edition Tech
7,983Cvent Technology
10,726CVISION Technology
17,693CYME Technology
1,895DameWare Technology
2,983Daptiv Technology
1,045Data EdgeSafe Technology
29,351DataCert Technology
1,722Datacore Technology
2,436DataDirect Technology
10,250DataEase Technology
3,122Datatel Technology
5,876Datawatch Technology
1,489Day CQ5 Technology
2,095DecisionCentric Technology
20,755Dell Technology
2,667Deltek Technology
10,901DemandTec Technology
3,657Desire2Learn Technology
3,032deskDOC Technology
9,567DNP3 Technology
1,333Docudesk Technology
1,040DPL 6.0 Technology
4,968DPSI Technology
24,624dSPACE Technology
4,258EasyLobby Technology
8,154eClinicalWorks Technology
36,587EDI Technology
1,171eFeedbackManager (eFM) Technology
3,536eGain Technology
2,479EHS Technology
1,862Ektron Technology
4,037Elementool Technology
1,875Elite Technology
2,116Elluminate Technology
6,066Embedded Systems Technology
83,361EMC Technology
7,940Empirisoft Technology
2,890Enterasys Technology
5,490EnterpriseDB Technology
1,605Entrust Technology
2,080Envision Technology
1,363EpicCare EMR Technology
2,440Epicdata Technology
4,889Epicor Technology
3,839EPM Live Technology
3,229Equinix Technology
1,278ESET Technology
5,385Esker Technology
17,598ESRI Technology
19,582ETAP Technology
2,695EtQ Technology
5,548eValid Technology
2,575Everbridge Technology
1,229Evrsoft First Page Technology
5,737eVSM Technology
2,211ExaGrid Technology
1,101Excelsior JET Technology
23,841Extendsim Technology
5,163Extensions Software Technology
8,043Extensis Technology
Can select by Users F-L:
4,278Facility Wizard Software Technology
40,520FairCom Technology
3,782FAST ESP Technology
13,915Fidelity TouchPoint Technology
9,320FileMaker Technology
3,604FileNet Technology
4,321Fiorano Technology
2,566FLEETMATE Technology
1,074FluidFlow3 Technology
2,607Formdocs Technology
3,140Fortinet Technology
2,838Foundry Technology
1,088FrontPage HEAT Technology
1,038Fujitsu Technology
1,173Fundtech Technology
3,333GDSVU Technology
1,530Gelco Technology
21,580Genesys Technology
1,135Genius Project4Domino Technology
3,997Geocortex Technology
2,182GFI FAXmaker Technology
2,097Global360 Technology
3,445Glovia Technology
1,839GoldenGate Technology
12,113Goldmine Technology
1,120GoldSim Technology
4,216Gomez Technology
1,002Graham Process Mapping Software Tech
3,611GuardianEdge Technology
36,459Gumbo Technology
1,587Halogen Technology
5,346Hardcat Technology
2,004HelpSTAR Technology
20,344HiSoftware Technology
7,901Hosted Survey Technology
58,320HP Technology
14,617Hummingbird Technology
6,032Hyland Technology
1,494HyperBac Technology
27,362Hyperion Technology
14,957I2 Master Technology
82,266IBM Technology
20,019IBM DB2 Technology
9,474IBM FileNet Technology
18,441IBM Informix Technology
67,483IBM Lotus Technology
72,420IBM Tivoli Technology
40,873IBM WebSphere Technology
22,431IBM Z/OS Technology
3,836IBS Technology
1,820IFS CRM Technology
5,398iGrafx Technology
1,523iLinc Technology
2,447ILOG Technology
8,591ImageFolio Technology
6,589ImageNow Technology
6,061ImagePro Technology
1,641Imany Technology
27,617IMG Technology
3,455Inet Technology
6,738Infor Baan ERP Technology
7,159Infor ERP BPCS Technology
3,632Infor FMS Technology
4,435Infor Mapics Technology
25,207Informatica Technology
10,225InfoVista Technology
2,726IngresP Technology
6,200Initiate Technology
5,382Inmagic Technology
1,937Innotas Technology
1,889Inovis Technology
2,686Intacct Technology
8,829Intalio Technology
2,911Intelex Technology
25,678IntelliTrack Technology
2,962Intermec Technology
2,868InterSystems CachT Technology
5,575Interwoven Technology
2,478Interwrite PRS Technology
2,735IntraLinks Technology
1,257IQbase Technology
4,753iRise Technology
4,498IronPort Technology
1,802Isilon IQ Technology
15,614IssueTrak Technology
2,990iStopMotion Technology
1,617iTKO LISA Technology
1,641JacqCAD Technology
1,406JavaGram Technology
2,036Jcreator Technology
41,392JD Edwards Technology
23,977JDA Technology
9,341JIDE Technology
5,646Jive Software Technology
1,554JNetDirect Technology
10,459Jolly Giant Technology
8,179JSCAPE Technology
2,844JTB FlexReport Technology
12,848Juniper Networks Technology
2,408K2 Technology
1,705Kalido Technology
4,738KANA Software Technology
1,623Karmak Technology
14,986Kbox Technology
1,237KeepTrak Technology
1,199Kentico CMS Technology
11,222Key Survey Technology
2,531KickApps Technology
1,595Knoa Technology
1,616Kofax Technology
3,958Kronos Technology
38,739LANDesk Technology
1,146Lansa Technology
10,949LANTIME Technology
7,337Laserfiche Technology
Lawson Technology
1,500LEAP Office Technology
3,098LegaSuite Technology
1,457Lenel OnGuard Technology
3,265Lexmark Technology
3,604Linktivity Technology
59,860Linux Technology
3,546LionClock Technology
10,422LISTSERV Technology
8,490LogicNP Technology
5,105Lombardi Technology
2,415Longview CPM Technology
Can select by Users M-U:
1,248MADE2MANAGE Technology
1,398MAGIQUE Technology
6,518Maintenance Connection Technology
76,920ManageEngine Technology
3,786Manhattan SCALE Technology
12,481MapInfo Technology
1,388Margill Technology
1,565Marketo Technology
1,514MaxLoad Pro Technology
18,153Mcafee Technology
3,729McCabe Technology
7,326McKesson Technology
1,151mCore Technology
6,899Medworxx Technology
7,778Mentalix Technology
17,862Meridian Technology
4,137Mesquite Technology
7,029Metastorm Technology
5,753Mfg/Pro Technology
61,094MGE UPS SYSTEMS Technology
8,288Micrium Technology
1,859Micro Focus Technology
6,822Microsoft Technology
7,211MICROSRetail Technology
13,190MicroStrategy Technology
8,142Mindjet Technology
3,305Mitel Technology
6,642More4Apps Technology
4,160MOVEit Technology
6,414MS Technology
21,606MS Active Technology
1,881MS Ado Technology
1,117MS AppV Technology
5,226MS BizTalk Server Technology
1,903MS Com+ Technology
23,000MS Dynamics AX Technology
10,938MS Dynamics CRM Technology
8,377MS Dynamics GP Technology
25,935MS Dynamics NAV Technology
15,048MS EPM Technology
26,360MS Exchange Server Technology
1,524MS Forefront Technology
14,669MS Official Curriculum (MOC) Tech
26,732MS Project Technology
157,523MS Share Point Technology
63,824MS SQL Technology
51,081MS Windows Technology
23,042MYSQL Technology
7,890Nagios Technology
7,704Nastel Technology
9,208Navicat (Sun) Technology
3,566NEOGOV Technology
1,536NetApp Technology
11,910Netcordia Technology
16,569Netezza Technology
1,551NetFront Technology
8,027Netica Technology
17,579NetQoS Technology
44,888NetSimplicity Technology
8,000Netsuite Technology
3,530NetSupport Technology
1,549NetVault Technology
14,753NeuroDimension Technology
2,994Nevron Technology
1,766Newforma Technology
3,094Newgen Technology
6,417Nhuntsoftware Technology
10,171Nimsoft Technology
18,807Nitro PDF Technology
16,163Nortel Technology
13,183NotePage Technology
14,909NovaMind Technology
40,911Novell Technology
1,329Novo Service Desk Technology
4,450NRG Technology
7,594NTP Software Technology
10,326NuanceP Technology
18,294OMatrix Technology
5,525Omniture Technology
2,064OmniUpdate CMS Technology
10,150Omnivex Technology
1,052ON24 Technology
7,457Open Text Livelink Technology
9,883OpenDNS Technology
5,888OPIN Technology
3,617OPNET Technology
3,437OptiTex Technology
3,413Opto22 Technology
489,282Oracle Technology
12,802OrgPlus Technology
44,745OrgPublisher Technology
2,025OutlookSoft Technology
7,862Palisade Technology
6,284Panorama NovaView Technology
3,699Paper Tiger Technology
1,114Parature Technology
4,715PastPerfect Technology
8,545PCSWMM Technology
2,023Peachtree by Sage Technology
5,736Pega Technology
2,838PeopleCube Technology
124,516PeopleSoft Technology
1,273Perfect Commerce Technology
4,735PerfectDisk Technology
10,252Perforce Technology
3,769Permessa Technology
10,356Pervasive Technology
1,762Pillar Data Technology
2,311Ping Identity Technology
1,719PIPEFLO Technology
13,557Pistolstar Technology
19,199PivotalCRM Technology
10,688PKWARE Technology
7,231Plateau Technology
4,514Platform LSF Technology
2,908PNet Technology
5,944PolicyTech Technology
7,511Polycom Technology
7,957PostgreSQL Technology
3,496Primavera Technology
1,828ProCalV5 Technology
5,633ProChain Technology
18,332Procuri Technology
2,660Progeny Technology
12,064Project KickStart Technology
2,208Proofpoint Technology
30,790Prophet Outlook CRM Technology
18,194PRTracker Technology
2,035PTC Technology
13,553Qa Testing Technology
6,679QAD Technology
1,317Qarbon Technology
8,760QNXP Technology
24,490Qualtrics Technology
3,063QualysGuard Technology
6,422Qube Technology
4,461Quest Technology
1,554Questra IDM Application Suite Tech
6,592Quickbooks Technology
1,216R2V Technology
5,751Rackable Systems Technology
1,983Ramco ERP Technology
2,620Raptivity Technology
7,075ReadyGo Technology
2,767RedDot (The Open Text LivelinkWeb
Solutions) Technology
2,097Redhat Technology
3,863Relax Technology
2,643Reliant LMS Technology
63,501ReliaSoft Technology
5,476Remstar Technology
8,215Retalix Technology
2,182Retek Technology
1,690Rhinoceros 3D Technology
11,560RightNow Technology
1,555Riverbed Technology
5,284RoAccess Technology
3,537Rolta Technology
3,061ROSS Technology
5,780RSM Technology
3,082Ruby on Rails Technology
10,592Saba Technology
31,822Sage Technology
56,531SalesForce Technology
213,409SAP Technology
15,497Saratoga CRM Technology
13,647SAS Technology
3,646Sassafras(K2 KeyAuditor/KeyServer) Tech
1,802Savvion Technology
1,000SCC MediaServer Technology
1,056ScheduleAnywhere Technology
11,887SciQuest Technology
4,645ScreenPrint Technology
2,938ScriptLogic Technology
9,790Scrutinizer Technology
7,813Seapine Technology
84,485Seasoft Technology
1,845Selligent CRM Technology
2,110SEQUENCE BPM Technology
11,883Serena Technology
4,798SharpForge Technology
2,339Shelf Logic Technology
7,229ShoreTel Technology
48,782Shunra Technology
177,969Siebel Technology
16,179Siemens PLM Technology
1,942Silvon Technology
3,039Sitecore Technology
8,796SmartBPM Technology
6,689SOA Technology
3,224Softerra LDAP Technology
9,115SoftLanding (iSeries AS/400) Tech
2,124Softopia iTrack Enterprise Technology
4,898Software AG Technology
1,117Solaris Technology
13,191SolarWinds Technology
3,145SolidWorks Technology
11,188Sox Technology
1,214Spectra nTier700 Technology
7,145Splunk Technology
8,719SPSS Technology
1,382Starburn Technology
1,136StarCite MeetingView Technology
8,414Statistica Technology
7,923Sterling Commerce Technology
1,264StoneFly Technology
2,320StrongMail Technology
3,096Struts Technology
5,702Stylus Studio Technology
23,685SuccessFactors Technology
3,987SugarCRM Technology
5,113SurveyGold Technology
3,825SurveyShare Technology
2,392SurveyTracker Technology
2,297SWING DocPublisher Technology
78,566Sybase Technology
22,375Symantec Technology
1,893Symbian Technology
48,696Symmetricom Technology
11,224Symprex Technology
3,582Syspro Technology
5,750Systemware Technology
20,898Tableau Technology
8,419Taleo Technology
12,745TANDBERG Technology
6,023Tapdance Technology
1,587TeamConnect Legal Suite Technology
1,221Teamwork 4 Technology
4,741TechExcel Technology
2,902Telelogic Technology
2,337TelVue Princeton Technology
3,499Tenrox Technology
64,391Teradata Technology
2,662Tevron Technology
6,306Thermoflow Suite Technology
4,810ThinkTank Technology
1,069Thinprint Technology
35,451Tibco Technology
5,117Tidal Software Technology
8,534Timeline Maker Technology
2,737Titan CMS Technology
15,001TNT Software Technology
2,851TPlan Technology
1,171TrackWise Technology
22,931TreeAge Pro Technology
3,017Trend Micro R Technology
1,231TriGeo Technology
1,265Triple Point Commodity XL Technology
1,154Trumba Technology
1,221TXT Technology
2,704UltiPro Technology
2,724UmtPlus Technology
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