511,027Active Subscribers $ 75.00/M
266,259Active Donors $ 75.00/M
91,77512 Month Donors $ 75.00/M
46,255 6 Month Donors $ 75.00/M
20,639 3 Month Donors $ 75.00/M
Donorbase (all orders)+$ 30.00/M
THE WEEK is a spirited newsweekly that distills
the best of news, opinion, and ideas from the  
U.S. and abroad.  THE WEEK's format is straight
forward yet information-packed, covering the    
entire political spectrum - left, right and    
everything in between.  In its pages you will  
find all you need to know about everything that
matters: U.S. and international news, the best  
opinion columns from here and abroad, health and
science, books, film, the arts, and leisure    

Subscribers to THE WEEK are opinion leaders,  
executives, power brokers, and trendsetters who
want to stay on top of domestic and foreign  
news, opinion and lifestyle information.      
Leading direct marketers consistently find that
these upscale subscribers have a propensity to
order by mail.  They respond exceedingly well to
catalogs, fundraising appeals, magazines, books,
seminars and travel offers.                  
Through the Donorbase modeling program, participants of this database have the          opportunity to apply their house or prospecting models to this Masterfile or they can take straight donor data in order to better target prospects.  This program can be utilized for new test opportunities or expansion activity on the file.

Donors by Interest Category as identified through Donorbase (24 Months):
Health                        151,561
Public Benefit Advocacy       111,223
Environmental                  85,061
Humanitarian/Social Service    55,540
Animal                         36,295
International                  56,866
Arts                           25,874
Religion                        9,930
Political Conservative          5,230
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