11,734Active Paid Subs/Buyers $225.00/M
36,278Expires $170.00/M
AAII Stock Enthusiasts are AAII Members
who have purchased newsletter subscriptions, software and/or books from AAII that focus solely on the area of stock investing.

These enthusiasts have paid an average of $142 for AAII subscriptions and services that are designed to educate users about stock investing, as well as, provide the direction and guidance needed to outpace the overall market.

AAII Stock Enthusiasts respond as follows, when asked about their interest level in stock investing and stock information tools:

* 77.2% very interested/interested in Buy,
 Sell & Hold stock recommendations
* 78.7% very interested/interested Fundamental
 Stock Analysis
* 54.2% very interested/interested Technical
 Stock Analysis/Charting
* 67.9% very interested/interested Stock
 Screening Software
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