1,534,425Total Universe $95.00/M
20,807Oct'17 Hotline +$15.00/M
49,877Aug'17-Oct'17 Hotline +$10.00/M
Canvas People gives its customers the platform to create unique works of art using their very own photographs. These creative consumers love the selection of templates, the ease of maneuvering through the website and the excellent customer service they receive.

Whether they are creating personalized gifts for loved ones or decorating their homes with their very own works of art, Canvas People customers appreciate customized and personal items over store bought merchandise.

Can select Presence of Children by Age @ $15.00/M Extra:
100,7820 - 2
150,7313 - 5
174,9296 - 10
119,88011 - 15
71,65616 - 17
Can select by Purchase Amount @ $15.00/M Extra:
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Lenore DeBellis;
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