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The Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions is Kentucky's only state level, independent research and education organization. Initially, their goal was to create a mechanism in Kentucky that would groom those who shared liberty based philosophies, and give them the tools to succeed as elected officials.

Today, the Bluegrass Institute hosts which provides legislative analysis in "real people" language. Kentucky voters can now easily and quickly understand the laws being debated that may, in time, govern their lives.  They also deal with the 21st century's biggest issue for a competitive state - public education, focusing on transparency to systematically address education freedom in Kentucky.   Their latest advance, in a series of innovative projects, is their Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration Initiative (TAC) to shine a disinfecting light on corrupt government practices, bureaucratic abuse and the insidious thwarting of liberties.

From the beginning, the Bluegrass Institute operated with minimal staff, limited resources, and volunteer interns and students from area universities. It has always been a small but effective organization.
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