36,672Total Universe/ Base Rate $250.00/M
36,672Seminar Attendees $250.00/M
Counts Thru 03/27/2010
ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE CENTER is a full-service environmental, health, safety, and transportation consulting firm.  Since 1981, it has been serving the needs of industry, academia, and federal and state government agencies by providing high-quality consulting services and training.

Seminar topics include hazardous waste management; hazardous materials management; transportation of dangerous goods by ground, air, and vessel; OSHA compliance; hazardous waste and emergency response (HAZWOPER); storm water discharge management; environmental auditing; SARA Title III compliance and reporting; hazardous materials classification; MSDS development; and hazmat security plan development.

These professionals have purchased or inquired about training, consulting services, and/or books to help them and their organizations remain in compliance with environmental, health, safety, and transportation regulations.

This list includes employees from both the public and private sectors.  Manufacturers, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations are well represented.
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