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With more than 20 different e-newsletters and nearly 1 million opt-in subscribers, CTI's e-newsletters gives marketers the ability to reach targeted, interested audiences.

The Christianity Today Church Leader E-Mail Masterfile is comprised of pastors and church leaders, church administrators and Christian thought leaders.   They are all members of the Christianity Today online community and recipients of specialized e-newsletters specifically written to provide professional information and advice to leaders of churches and ministries. These church leaders are not only passionate about their faith but also their churches and they welcome relevant offers that could help them be more efficient such as office supplies, seminars, business books and publications, computer hardware and software, accounting services and software and more.

Orders must be placed for the entire newsletter, cannot order maximum/nth quantities.
Can select by individual E-Newsletter:
73,100Building Church Leaders
19,600Church Finance Update
26,000Church Law and Tax
77,400CT Pastors
23,900Local Church Outreach
54,378Preaching Today
20,371Church Management Update
12,804Church Safety Update
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