58,036Former U.S. Subscribers $75.00/M
Former subscribers to Ignite Your Faith and the Campus Life's Christian College Guide magazine, published by Christianity Today.  

Ignite Your Faith helped high school and early college students naviagate adolesence with their faith intact.  Providing biblical advice and encouragment on issues like love, sex, self-image, popularity and school, each issue spoke to one of the brightest slices of the dynamic youth market.  In addition to offering a Christian perspective on tough choices and questions facing teens, Ignite Your Faith reviewed trends, music and media that appeal to intelligent youth on the academic fast track.

Campus Life's Christian College Guide was a free publication that provided practical advice about choosing, paying for and adapting to life at college along with information about today's leading Christian colleges.

This active, media-savvy, college-bound teen audience attends church activities, is involved in youth groups, and participates in short-term missions projects. They buy Christian books and music and shop online, making them ideal for teen-market offers including apparel, software and sporting goods.  Active in their youthful ideals, they also give gladly to non-profit organizations.
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