2,200,000E-Mail Addresses $125.00/M
274,000Prenatal E-Mail Address+$ 25.00/M
1,150,000Postnatal E-Mail Address+$ 15.00/M
171,000Households 0 - 4 Mos+$ 15.00/M
282,000Households 0 - 6 Mos+$ 15.00/M
199,000Households 7 - 12 Mos+$ 15.00/M
517,000Households 1 - 3 Yrs+$ 15.00/M
864,000Households 3+ Yrs+$ 15.00/M

Destination Maternity Corporation is home to the world's leading maternity brands, Motherhood Maternity® and A Pea in the Pod®.  We offer the largest collection of maternity fashion, accessories and nursing products to help mom-to-be look and feel her best.

The Destination Maternity E-Mail Masterfile  
consists of promotionally responsive households with children because they have signed up for the Destination Maternity Perks Program. Upon sign-up to this opt-in program, they have elected to receive special offers, products and services that will help them as they start or expand their families.

The Destination Maternity E-Mail Masterfile  
file is selectable by child's birth month and  
year so marketers can identify the many        
different stages and the subsequent buying    
habits of the American family.  It is a must
test for all infant and children's offers,    
as well, as insurance, home services and        
merchandise, catalogs, women and home          
publications, fundraising, financial offers and more.
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