97,000E-Mail Addresses $150.00/M
Working Mother, owned by Bonnier Corporation,  understands the confident, career-committed mom. In each and every issue, the message is focused on the art of making it work: helping her balance herself, her career and most importantly, her family. Over 1/3 of all mother are successful, productive members of the U.S.Workforce, which allows them even greater purchasing power than their at home counterparts. Working Mother subscribers are decision makers in the home and in the office, which makes them ideal prospects for an array of direct mail offers such as fashion, children's merchandise and services, insurance and memberships, technology, travel, consumer and household goods, business merchandise, fundraisers and non-profit organizations.      
Working Mother has revolutionized the workplace let it revolutionize your mail plan by helping you reach one of the fastest growing and most influential groups of female consumers.

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