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MARLIN magazine, owned by Bonnier Corporation is the bible for big game fishermen.  Billfishing is the sport of choice for these affluent anglers and Marlin is their magazine delivering the best targeted edit to the wealthiest boat-owning saltwater fishermen in the world.                                  

It is written for the most affluent anglers who need to know what is happening around the world regarding offshore fishing. It is the definitive "who's who" of the sport, written in the voice of the sportfisherman, one-on-one to a peer, as a member of this elite fraternity.  These subscribers are at the pinnacle of their careers  and have tremendous spending power. They pursue their passion in bigger boats: most boats average 36 feet or longer and are equipped with the latest, most sophisticated marine communications and fish-finding electronics, and an abundance of heavy-duty tackle and accessories.

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