4,048,044NOZA Charitable Donors $85.00/M
1,197,808Human Service+ $10.00/M
Commercial Mailer Rate $70.00/M
Facebook Audiences $25.00/M
The NOZA Donor Masterfile represents a revolution in identifying donor prospects, providing nonprofits with powerful access to unique new data selections.

NOZA identifies contributors to thousands of local nonprofits, including organizations that provide Civil Rights, Food, Agriculture & Nutrition, Housing & Shelter, and other Human Service causes.

 ************** Fast Facts ******************
 Average Age...............................67
 Average HH Income...................$109,877

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Categories include:
Adult Day Care
American Red Cross
Blind & Visually Impaired Centers
Centers to Support the Independence of
Specific Populations
Child Day Care
Children & Youth Services
Deaf & Hearing Impaired Centers
Developmentally Disabled Centers
Emergency Assistance
Ethnic & Immigrant Centers
Family Counseling
Family Services
Family Violence Shelters
Financial Counseling
Foster Care
Group Homes
Homeless Centers
Human Services Organizations
In-Home Assistance
LGBT Services
Neighborhood Centers
Personal Social Services
Physically Disabled
Pregnancy Centers
Residential Care & Adult Day Programs
Retreat Center
Seniors / Senior Center
Supportive Housing for Older Adults
Thrift Shops
Transportation Assistance
Urban League
Victims Services
Volunteers of America
Women's Centers
Young Men's or Women's Associations
Gleaners Community Food Bank
Little Bros. Friends Of Elderly
Meals on Wheels Co-Op
New Hampshire Food Bank
Rescue Missions
Rural Outreach Center
Samaritan House San Mateo
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