752,321Active Subscribers $110.00/M
55,108Oct'19 Hotline+$ 20.00/M
143,749Aug'19-Oct'19 Hotline+$ 15.00/M
271,857Active DTP Subscribers $ 12.00/M
459,538Total Expires $ 70.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 80.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 85.00/M
FIELD AND STREAM/OUTDOOR LIFE MASTERFILE is a combined, de-duped masterfile of Bonnier Corporation's outdoorsman magazine subscribers.

This file is comprised of the following mail-responsive subscribers: Field and Stream and Outdoor Life.  These subscribers are today's outdoor enthusiasts who are spending more time and money honing their skills, purchasing the right equipment, and keeping up on the latest trends and services about hunting and fishing. They also have strong political views on gun control, preservation and conservation issues.
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