82,63224 Month Buyer thru 12/21 $100.00/M
50,05212 Month Buyers $105.00/M
33,9896 Month Buyers $115.00/M
24,0943 Month Buyers $120.00/M
9,571Club Members $110.00/M
Fundraiser/Pub/Food Rate $ 75.00/M
Precious Moments is widely known for their series of collectible porcelain bisque figurines. The original artwork was created by the American illustrator Sam Butcher in the 1970s. The figurines depict young children with distinctive teardrop-shaped eyes and are often accompanied by inspirational messages which are also found on the products.

Precious Moments is one of the few porcelain figurine brands in existence today. It is also the brand name for a series of giftware and collectibles licensed by Precious Moments, Inc (aka PMI) based on the same artwork by Sam Butcher.

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 Average Income......................$62,500
 Average Age..............................51

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