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Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
Non-Affinity Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
Published by TEN - The Enthusiast Network
(formerly Source Interlink Media).        

TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS, was launched in 2000 and has remained the only complete motocross magazine for the die-hard participant.  It has something for everyone who loves motocross - race coverage, bike and product tests and reviews, rider interviews, amateur spotlights, scene reports and pro racer guest editorials.  

Subscribers are young, influential, active and trendsetting individuals.  To them, action sports are more than just a sport - action sports are an identity and a lifestyle.  Among young people who play sports, it's those that participate in action sports who have the most spending power.  They are also "influencers" - a highly desirable marketing target who are not only powerful consumers in their own right, but they influence both their friends and family across a variety of product categories and household decisions, including fashion, music, brands, communication devices and leisure-time activities.

************** Fast Facts *****************  
Median age...............................21  
Average household income............$62,500
American Motorcyclist Assn
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