71,786,989Charitable Donors $85.00/M
Donor Re-Activation $40.00/M
Universal Scoring $50.00/M
Email (Data & Deployment) $15.00/M
Facebook (Data & Upload) $ 2.50/M
Display (Data Onboarding) $ 2.50/M
DonorBaseŽ ( is a cooperative prospecting database devoted exclusively for nonprofits and fundraisers.  DonorBaseŽ identifies responsive donor prospects for acquisition campaigns, re-activates lapsed donors, and offers advanced data services.

Members participate in DonorBaseŽ by sharing their donor information within a secure marketing database.  Each member uses the combined database to extract the new prospects needed for their direct mail campaigns.

For new donor acquisition, DonorBaseŽ evaluates the demographic, lifestyle, and donor transaction (RFM) information for each client, comparing this information to the national average and to information maintained within DonorBaseŽ.  Review of these detailed reports enables members to identify which DonorBaseŽ prospects are best suited for their acquisition campaigns.

DonorBaseŽ offers lapsed donor reactivation by identifying which lapsed donors are currently donating to other charities, then providing additional categorical, RFM, and demographic attributes for optimized list selection.

Housefile records are suppressed during order fulfillment to provide prospect names unique to current donors.

11,542,472  Animal Donors
5,165,193  Arts Donors
10,579,246  Environmental Donors
19,873,085  Health Donors
21,620,764  Humanitarian/Social Service
8,142,803  International Relief
  278,613  Political(Conservative)
8,369,045  Political (Liberal)
23,862,587  Public Benefit / Advocacy
13,319,239  Religious

Delivery:  2 - 10 workdays after order received.Updated quarterly.

Cancellation Policy: $10/M run charges, media/shipping charges, and $75/F cancel charge. Orders cancelled after mail date must be paid in full.
Can select by the following donor categories:
To place an order, contact:
Kait Flynn;