24,839Active Members $105.00/M
10,245Oct'18-Sept'19 New Member $115.00/M
(1st time paid)
4,060Sept'19 Intros $110.00/M
9,684Jul'19-Sept'19 Cancels $ 85.00/M
Catalog Offers $ 85.00/M
Subscription Offers $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
The Harlequin Romance Club offers members female focused novels that are fresh, feel-good, romantic fiction.  These women welcome the opportunity to escape their day-to-day busy lifestyles into the world of romance books with "happy endings".  They are avid readers, buying a minimum of 4 new romance novels every month.

Hotline Intros:  Have responded to the offer to receive sample books.  They have received this initial shipment but have not reached paid status.

Active Members:  Once the members have made their initial payment, they are considered active.  Each month the active members continue to receive and pay for their monthly shipments that include 4 - 6 books, with an average cost of $17.  All active members are paid members.  Can be ordered by start date.

Paid Cancels:  Are former active members who are in good credit standing, but are no longer receiving monthly shipments.  They have received and paid for an average of 3 shipments before canceling in good standing.

 ************** Fast Facts *****************  
 Average Age..............................59  
 Average Income......................$49,700  
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