1,796,062Active U.S. Subscribers $100.00/M
237,874U.S. CEO $ 20.00/M
CEO Network Newsletter is the leading online source for CEOs. The CEO Network ( connects these business leaders to current business and corporate related web sites. Subscribers to the CEO Network Newsletter receive information on the newest available products and services for the connected business executive. They are the senior level decision-makers on all aspects of their businesses and have the authority to recommend or purchase products and services for their organizations.

If you're trying to reach affluent consumer or business professionals who are computer literate, highly educated and responsive to both business and consumer offers, try CEO Network subscribers.  They are prime candidatesfor many essential goods and services-computerand office supplies, apparel, magazines, seminars, travel offers, memberships, electronics, book clubs, credit cards, general merchandise, fundraising appeals and much more.

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Can select by job title at $20.00/M extra:
11,764Chief Technology Officer
54,726HR Executive
41,904Marketing Executive
11,889Purchasing Manager
317,119U.S. Business Owner
73,362U.S. Sales Executive
Can select by sales volume at $15.00/M extra:
77,296$1-$4.9 Million
25,252$5-$9.9 Million
50,063$10 Million and up
Can select by SIC at $10.00/M extra:
59,223Manufacturing (20-39)
27,042Construction (15-19)
40,199Wholesale (50-52)
41,771Retail (53-59)
24,480Finance (60-62, 66-69)
31,752Insurance/Real Estate (63-65)
283,775Business & Professional (70-89)
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