125,706Active U.S. Action Sports $110.00/M
4,3041 Mo H/L Action Sports+$ 16.00/M
14,0103 Mo H/L Action Sports+$ 11.00/M
33,9456 Mo H/L Action Sports+$ 6.00/M
30,77912 Mo Action Sport Expire $ 85.00/M
Canadian Action Sports $125.00/M
40,000Opt-In Email Addresses $150.00/M
Non-Competitive Catalog $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
(Formerly Source Interlink Media)

TEN - The Enthusiast Network has one of the largest male enthusiast databases on the market today.  Their publications cover almost all major male interests groups such as Automotive, High-Tech, and Action Sports. They have over forty individual titles including well known magazines such as Motor Trend, Automobile Magazine, Hot Rod, Stereophile, and Surfing.  
TEN - The Enthusiast Network has merged and enhanced the subscriber files of its action sports magazines with key lifestyle and demographic data.  TEN - The Enthusiast Network's Action Sports titles include such renowned magazines as Bike, Canoe & Kayak, Powder, SLAM, Snowboarder, Surfer, Surfing, Transworld Motocross, Transworld Ride BMX, Transworld Skateboarding and Transworld Snowboarding.  

These affluent subscribers are adventurous, thrill-seeking athletes who continue to respond to any product or service that will satisfy their need for excitement as well as enhancing their recreational time.
Appalachian Mountain Club
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