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EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT & RETENTION is a newsletter filled with hiring tips, incentive program ideas, HR product information, personnel advice, management ideas and more

Subscribers are human resources and recruitment professionals as well as others responsible for attracting and keeping talented employees. Included are administrators, personnel executives, training professionals, top executives, owners, middle managers, supervisors and others involved in employee recruitment and retention. These leaders value talented employees and they seek ways to locate new people as well as motivate and stimulate existing employees. These high-level professionals are searching for publications, books, and other motivational and inspirational products.
American Management Association
American Red Cross
American Society For Training/Dev
ComplyRight Inc
Crestline Company, Inc.
Market Lab, Inc.
National Business Furniture
New Pig Corporation
Office Depot-Max
Oriental Trading Co.
Positive Promotions
Pryor Learning Solutions
Successories, Inc.
Trainers Warehouse
United States Plastics Corp
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