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ELECTRIC FLIGHT magazine, published by Air Age Media,  covers the entire spectrum of electric aircraft from indoor microflyers to 3D helicopters to super-fast jets.  Small-electric and park-flyer technology has made RC accessible to more consumers than ever before and ELECTRIC FLIGHT covers all the new developments and product innovations in the breakout RC market.  Each issue includes essential tips for proper plane assembly, critical steps to first-flight success, buyers' guides of the best ready-to-fly aircraft, basic aerobatics to fly like a pro, troubleshooting tips to keep planes running right, and in-depth and unbiased model reviews.
Subscribers range from beginners to seasoned modelers looking for inspiration to ensure the first-and-every flight is fun and exciting.

 ************** Fast Facts *****************
 Average age.................... 24-49 years
 Average household income............$70,000
 Average spent annually on hobby........$684
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