145,819SW Reservation Aid MF $80.00/M
48,0436 Month Donors +$15.00/M
76,43812 Month Donors +$10.00/M
Selectable by File:
119,373SW Reservation Aid (SWRA) +$10.00/M
(Formerly CIN)
23,509Navajo Relief Fund +$10.00/M
29,149SW Indian Relief Council +$10.00/M
The Southwest Reservation Aid (SWRA) Masterfile comprises donors to Southwest Reservation Aid (formerly The Council of Indian Nations, CIN), Navajo Relief Fund and Southwest Indian Relief Council.

Hunger among the elderly in Southwest Native American communities is a constant reality and Southwest Reservation Aid programs (formerly CIN) focus on programs that respond to this problem.  SWRA community feeding programs help improve the quality of food served to elders in community centers, thus ensuring these elders eat at least one nutritious meal a day.  SWRA Program Partners distribute the food to elders in outlying areas.  In keeping with an emphasis on self-sufficiency, the elders or their families usually have volunteered for community service in order to receive free staples.  SWRA programs reach out to communities that lack reasonable access to medical facilities, stores, electricity, and water.

The Navajo Nation is the largest Indian reservation in the United States, spreading over 16 million acres in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Utah.  Many live in remote communities on the high desert, which is a harsh and resource-poor environment. Every day brings a struggle for survival in the face of extreme poverty and isolation. The Navajo Relief Fund (NRF) exists to brings hope to these struggling families.  The difference between NRF and many other humanitarian groups is that they aim to reduce dependency and build on the strong sense of pride and community that is prevalent among Native Americans. NRF's goal is to help build "strong, self-sufficient Native American communities."  

The Southwest Indian Relief Council (SWIRC) works with over 100 Program Partners in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.  Working through Program Partners, SWIRC operates dozens of programs that address the needs of the remote rural communities they serve.  They include: Elder Nutrition Centers (food for the elderly is a constant need), Winter Fuel (wood stoves, wood, coal and propane are all needed), Health Clinics (supplies to improve local medical care), Walking Programs (incentives to promote healthy lifestyles), Shoes and Clothing (distributions to families that need these items), Quilt Making (elders make quilts for those in need), Thanksgiving (a substantial distribution of food to communities and individuals) and Christmas (gifts and meals to those who would otherwise go without).

The mission of all the Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) programs, (formerly National Relief Charities) is to help Native American people improve the quality of their lives by providing opportunities for them to bring about positive changes in their communities.  Partnership With Native Americans include: American Indian Education Fund, American Indian Relief Council, Council of Indian Nations, Native American Aid, Navajo Relief Fund, Reservation Animal Rescue, Sioux Nation Relief Fund and Southwest Indian Relief Council.
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American Action Fund for Blind
American Disabled Veterans Fnd
American Inst For Cancer Research
American Legion
Cal Farley's
Catholic Indian Mission
Children's Hunger Relief Fund
Christian Appalachian Project
Christian Relief Services
Defenders of Wildlife
Disabled American Veterans
Greater Public
Help Heal Veterans
Inner-City Scholarship Fund
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St. Labre Indian School
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WTTW/Channel 11
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