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8,26012 Months $5+ Donors +$10.00/M
3,7646 Months $5+ Donors +$15.00/M
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The American Indian Education Fund (formerly American Indian Education Foundation) AIEF
provides Native American students with the tools and resources to learn.  AIEF programs target Native American students living in remote, resource-poor areas on reservations.  Students and schools in these areas have limited access to many of the tools needed to obtain an adequate education.  AIEF has developed a variety of programs to meet the needs of these students and schools.

AIEF is one of America's largest grantors of scholarships to Native American students.  Unlike many other scholarship programs that award only to students with the highest GPA, AIEF targets students who have demonstrated reasonable academic success and are highly motivated to improve their own life and the lives of others.  Such young people are likely to be overlooked by other scholarship programs, yet can be very successful in college if they have the right encouragement and support.

AIEF staff works extensively with each scholarship recipient during the critial first year of college, when many Native American students drop out.  AIEF staff maintains constant contact with their students through cards, e-mails, "care packages," school supplies, phone cards, and, always, a shoulder to lean on.

Every year AIEF distributes backpacks filled with school supplies to students in remote and economically depressed areas.  AIEF targets communities with real financial hardship -- communities where most students would have little or no access to school supplies.  Every student in each of the selected schools is given a backpack filled with necessary supplies for the upcoming year.

The importance of parental involvement in a child's education is well documented.  AIEF targets schools with low parental participation and/or attendance rates and provides incentives to encourage parents to become more actively involved in the school.  AIEF has had many success stories with dramatic increases in parental involvement and student attendance.

Many schools in Native American communities await funding for repair work.  When feasible, AIEF will fund repair projects when it is clear that conditions in a school are very unsafe and immediate action needs to be taken.  AIEF funding has provided for a furnace to heat classrooms in winter, air conditioning for a school when classroom temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees, and new sidewalks to replace unsafe ones on school grounds.

The mission of all the Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) programs, (formerly National Relief Charities, NRC) is to help Native American people improve the quality of their lives by providing opportunities for them to bring about positive changes in their communities.  Partnership With Native Americans programs include: American Indian Education Fund, Native American Aid, Navajo Relief Fund, Northern Plains Reservation Aid, Reservation Animal Rescue, Sioux Nation Relief Fund, Southwest Indian Relief Council and Southwest Reservation Aid.
American Action Fund for Blind
Berea College
Catholic Indian Mission
Christian Relief Services
Dakota Indian Foundation
First Nations Development Instite
National Federation Of The Blind
Native American Rights Fund
Oglala Lakota College
Red Cloud Indian School
Sky People Higher Education
St. Bonaventure Indian Mission
St. Labre Indian School
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