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The New York Academy of Sciences has been bringing together scientists of different disciplines from around the world since 1817.  Through its conference and discussion group programs and its online and print publishing efforts, the Academy fulfills its mission of advancing the understanding of science, technology, and medicine by stimulating new ways of thinking about how scientific research is applied in society and the world.  An independent, nonprofit, membership-based organization, the Academy is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost organizers of scientific conferences and symposia.            

Members of the Academy include senior scientists and principal investigators from industry and academia, as well as doctors, teachers, researchers, and other science professionals from more than 150 countries.  

For members unable to attend live events, the Academy publishes unique, online reports - eBriefings - which enable its worldwide members to "Listen in" on its proceedings and even explore multimedia presentations featuring synchronized slides and audio.  These events and eBriefings feature the world's leading scientists presenting cutting-edge research in such wide-range areas as:  Anthropology, Atmosperic Sciences & Geology, Biochemical Pharmacology, Chemical Biology, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Environmental Sciences, Genome Integrity, Genomic Medicine, History & Philosophy of Science, Imaging, Microbiology, Nanobiotechnology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neuroimmunology, Psychology, RNAi, Science Education, and Systems Biology.

The Academy publishes the acclaimed Annals series of proceedings of scientific conferences (28 volumes a year), which is year after year among the most highly cited of scientific research publications.                        

The Academy provides career-mentoring services as part of its Science Alliance Program, which includes more than 4,000 graduate students and postdocs from more than twenty institutions in the New York tri-state area and an additional thousand postgraduate students from advanced research institutions around the world, including Australia, China, Korea, and Sweden.  The Academy's Women Investigators Network and Network for Minority Investigators enable scientists of underserved backgrounds to take action on vital career issues through discussion, advocacy and action.                

 Scientists, educators, physicians and        
   business people                            
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