185,299NP Reservation Aid MF $80.00/M
50,8326 Month Donors +$15.00/M
102,55912 Month Donors +$10.00/M
Selectable by File:
139,420NP Reservation Aid (NPRA) +$10.00/M
(Formerly AIRC)
17,112Native American Aid +$10.00/M
28,767Sioux Nation Relief Fund +$10.00/M
The Northern Plains Reservation Aid (NPRA) Masterfile comprises donors to Northern Plains Reservation Aid (formerly American Indian Relief Council, AIRC), Native American Aid and Sioux Nation Relief Fund.  The mission of these programs is to bring hope and to empower impoverished and struggling Native American families to achieve self sufficient communities.
Volunteerism is a fundamental component of all three programs as reservation resident volunteers are involved in creating positive changes for their neighbors and themselves.    

Northern Plains Reservation Aid (formerly American Indian Relief Council, AIRC), works with 300+ Program to identify needs, arrange volunteer support, obtain facilities, and volunteer their own time to improve the community where they live.  Examples of NPRA's highly targeted programs include Breakfast in a Bag (provides healthy meals to elders), Project Grow (plows and provides seeds for gardens), Baby Basket (provides supplies to mothers of newborns), Winter Fuel (subsidizes the cost of fuel for elders), Quilt Making (provides fabric to elders who make quilts for others in need), Thanksgiving (huge distribution of food to communities and individuals), Christmas (provides gifts & meals to children and families who might otherwise go without), Health Clinics (provides supplies to improve local medical care), Shoes and Clothing (provides warm winter coats and shoes) and Elderly Nutrition (supports elder nutrition centers).

Native American Aid's (NAA) goal is to help build "strong, self-sufficient American Indian communities."  Many Native American families live in overcrowded two-room shacks that lack central heat, electricity, and running water.   NAA reservation volunteers identify the most pressing needs in their areas to ensure NAA, in concert with its Program Partners, address genuine shortages in each community. NAA requires local resident volunteers to participate in delivering goods and services fostering a sense of community improvement and involvement.

The Sioux Nation Relief Fund (SNRF) was created to serve the thousands of Sioux Indian people suffering from hunger, isolation, and poverty.  In the area served, unemployment is a staggering 86% and over 60% of the people live below the federal poverty level.   SNRF is dedicated to giving Sioux people a sense of partnership and hope.  SNRF relies on the generosity of local volunteers and its program partners to deliver goods and services to their communities.  In fact, SNRF's mission is "strong, self-sufficient American Indian communities."  By utilizing local volunteers, SNRF involves the community in creating positive changes.

The mission of all the Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) programs, (formerly National Relief Charities, NRC) is to help Native American people improve the quality of their lives by providing opportunities for them to bring about positive changes in their communities.  Partnership With Native Americans programs include: American Indian Education Fund, Native American Aid, Navajo Relief Fund, Northern Plains Reservation Aid, Reservation Animal Rescue, Sioux Nation Relief Fund, Southwest Indian Relief Council and Southwest Reservation Aid.
American Disabled Veterans Fnd
American Legion
American Parkinson Disease
Americares Foundation
Cheyenne River Indian Outreach
Children's Hunger Relief Fund
Christian Relief Services
Custom Mission
Dakota Indian Foundation
Disabled American Veterans
First Nations Development Instite
Food Banks Consortium
Food For The Hungry
Food for the Poor
Help Heal Veterans
Hospice Support Fund
Missions Outreach
National Cancer Research Center
Native American Emergency Relief
Native American Rights Fund
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Omaha Home For Boys
Red Cloud Indian School
Rescue Missions
Sky People Higher Education
Soaring Eagle Seminars
St. Ann's Indian Mission
St. Bonaventure Indian Mission
St. Labre Indian School
Volunteer FireFighter Alliance
WTTW/Channel 11
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