11,686Active U.S. Subscribers $110.00/M
4,216Jul'18-Dec'18 Subscribers+$ 8.00/M
25,866Expires $ 95.00/M
494Canadian Subscribers $650.00/F
Non-Competitive Catalog $ 85.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
RADIO CONTROL CAR ACTION, published by Air Age Media, is the industry leader in the coverage of radio control (RC) cars and trucks.  It provides subscribers with more of the lastest information and newest product reviews than any other RC publication.  With a primary focus on improving skills, Radio Control Car Action delivers cutting-edge tuning advice from the RC experts, tech tips that takes readers to the next level, hard-hitting comparison tests from the industry's leading editors, comprehensive buyers' guides, wild project vehicles that push the RC envelope, and in-depth reviews that go far beyond manufacturers' specs.

Subscribers to RADIO CONTROL CAR ACTION range from new drivers to hard-core enthusiasts and racing pros.  They are interested in the full spectrum of RC car excitement--from racing to ready-to-runs, and kits to custom creations.

 ************** Fast Facts*****************  
 Average age....................18-32 years
 Average household income...........$60,422
 Average spent annually on hobby.......$750
 Number of hrs spent weekly on hobby...10.6
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